Rare and Prior (The World of Tomorrow #1)

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Pure Venom (Part 1)

The apartment door slowly opens. The person behind it is none other than the woman with long black hair and glasses, as she is obviously the one with a key. Despite opening it, she takes only one step in through the door. While doing this, she quickly cocks her head left to look for the dark-haired man, whom is walking right up to her from a five-foot distance.

“What the hell is taking so long?” the woman asks him.

He then answers, “I’m coming, I’m just trying to walk quickly.”

The woman begins to gawk at him, “What do you mean?”

“I mean,” the dark-haired man continues, raising both of his index fingers up in the air, “aren’t there people next door sleeping?”

“Hmm,” she murmurs, knowing exactly where the dark-haired man is coming from, “Well now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m not entirely sure.”

The dark-haired man finally approaches her just as she finishes.

“And honestly, I really couldn’t care less.”

“Huh,” he murmurs back to her, “Well since you put it that way ...”

“Yeah?” she firmly responds to him with a slight nod.

“Why don’t we just walk right in real quickly.”

The woman then chuckles through her nose. “Let’s do that.” After holding the door for at least fifteen seconds, she briefly attempts to enter. But before actually doing so, she looks back at the dark-haired man.

“What?” he murmurs to her.

“Do you wanna go in first? I mean, you are the guest after all.”

The dark-haired man then shakes his head. “No, no, you go in first, I’m perfectly fine with that. I can hold the door, if you don’t mind.”

Removing her hand from it, relieving the grip, the woman the finally enters the room, leaving the dark-haired man to grab right a hold of the door.

“I don’t mind that at all,” she loudly thinks. While standing in the shade of darkness, the woman then reaches into her pocket and quickly fetches her mobile device. Just after tapping it on, she then flashes its light directly up against the wall right next to the door from the left-hand side. From the look of it, the outlet does not have a switch; at least, not a visible one. Instead, what the woman does is point the device light directly onto the outlet. Then, within a mil-second, the living room light finally turns on.

It is so bright that the dark-haired man is nearly blinded by it, so much that he almost closes the door on himself. Luckily enough though, he manages to retrieve his grip.

As she walks on, the woman turns back around. “You can come in now.”

‘I can,?’ the dark-haired man thinks to himself, ‘Great.’ After letting the door go, he zooms straight into the room. He then takes the time (presumably about seven seconds) to look around.

“Do you like?”


“What do you think about the place?”

The dark-haired man speaks hesitantly, “Well, I’ve never been in an apartment before.”

The woman gawks at him, thinking to herself, ‘Really?’

The dark-haired man then murmurs, “So ...”

“Ever?” the woman adds, speaking over him.

“Well, I mean, I have, just not one like — this.”

“What do you mean?”

The dark-haired man shrugs. “I don’t know, I — I ...”

Instead of letting him finish, the woman quickly heads over to another room, quite obviously being hers.

“Hey,” The dark-haired man gently shouts out. The woman, oddly enough, does not respond. This of course leads him to head right over to where she went, that being on the left-hand side behind what blatantly appears to be a small kitchen. He does not bother to check it out; all there really is is a plain counter with a black refrigerator standing right across from it. As instead, he passes right by it (both of them, more likely) and heads straight over to where the woman is. It’s not even hard for him, as he manages to immediately come across a bedroom. What he soon finds is — quite out of left field, if you ask me.

While standing beside her bed from the right-hand side, the woman, surprisingly enough, removes her shirt as she has absolutely nothing on but a black bra and panties; yeah, she really seems to have a thing for black.

“Oh,” the dark-haired man speaks out with blatant surprise.

To which, the woman turns around as she clearly appears to still have her glasses on.

“I’m sorry,” he quickly adds.

“Don’t be,” she responds within a second or two. “I don’t have a door, so would you have known?

From the look of it, the dark-haired man attempts to respond to that, but something much more worthwhile accres to him. “I don’t believe I ever got your name.”

Seemingly, the woman gawks at him. “It took you this long to ask me that?”

Blatantly enough, the dark-haired man gawks back at her. “Well, you never gave me a chance to, up until now.”

“I know,” she says to him, crossing her arms with sheer enthusiasm. “I was in a hurry to get most of what I had on ... off.”

The dark-haired man gently nods.



“That’s my name,” she quickly adds.

The dark-haired man then slowly repeats it, “La-Ken?”

“That’s exactly how it’s pronounced,” she firmly says to him. Leaving the rest of her clothes scattered among her bed, she then walks right passed him.

To which, the dark-haired man turns around and continues looking at her. “Where’re you from — exactly?”

The woman turns right back around to face him, as she immediately places her hands over her hips. “Let’s just say — my personal background is a mystery.”

“Do you have a last name?”

The woman then lets both her hands and arms go. “Even if I did, I really don’t think it concerns you?”

The dark-haired man begins gawking. “What the hell’s that supposed to mean?”

“Like I said,” the woman firmly speaks out to him, right before walking — and heading directly over to the kitchen.

The dark-haired man makes no hesitation to follow her. He walks right up to the counter and watches her as she goes straight into one of the cupboards. What she pulls out from said cupboard is nothing more than a small glass. She takes said glass and carries up over to the left-hand side of the refrigerator, which just so happens to contain a water dispenser. As she places the glass directly into it, the water, of course, pours right into it.

“Can I get you something?”

“Like what?”

The woman turns her head to look at him as she immediately pulls the glass out from the dispenser. She then specifies, “I drink.”

“I’m good,” he says to her modestly, raising his hand for a brief moment.

“Are you sure? How long has it been since you had one?”

The dark-haired man shrugs. “I had a drink at the bar about half an hour ago, so does that count?”

The woman looks at him in disbelief. Seconds later, she goes back into the cupboard to fetch out another glass. She then firmly says to him, “Why don’t I poor you a drink just in case?”

The dark-haired man shrugs again. “If you insist.”

“Highly,” she firmly adds. But while attempting to place the second glass into the dispenser, she immediately pauses. “Wait,” she murmurs turning to look at him, “do you want ice?”

The dark-haired man shakes his head. “No.”

To which, the woman smacks her lips, “Okay.” Few moments after pouring a nearly full glass for him, she quickly thinks to ask him something else. “Since I gave you my name, I’m not sure you’ve given me yours yet.”

The dark-haired man’s eyes widen, as does his jaw line, “Yeah, I guess I ... almost forgot.”

The woman shruggs. “So?”

“Boris is my name,” he elaborates, “Boris Cleomes.”

The woman takes the time to glance at him, thinking to herself, ‘I don’t believe I’ve heard a name like that before.’ Seconds after setting the glass down, she then says to him, “I like that name.”


The woman nods. “Very unique.”

The dark-haired man briefly chuckles, “Well, you’re telling me. I mean, I’ve never heard the name Lequen before in my life.”

The woman shrugs. “A lot of names a uncommon I guess.” About 8-10 seconds later, she begins walking right up to him slowly. But do to being right behind the counter, she can only reach up to him by exactly 7-9 inches.

To which, he then murmurs, “Yeah?”

While leaning in, the woman crosses her arms and places both her elbows onto the counter’s edge. “I don’t suppose you have a girlfriend?”

“Boy,” he loudly thinks, “do I wish.”

“Well,” she firmly adds, “in that case, why don’t you take a seat over on the couch.”


The woman the points to the sofa against the wall on the left-hand side of the apartment door. “That one, right there.”

The dark-haired man shrugs just before walking right from behind the counter. “If you say so.”

After watching him do just that, the woman takes one long sip from her glass of water. Then, immediately after setting it down, she quickly turns and walks right over to him; he is, of course, sitting down in the couch — as he was told to. Within about five seconds, the woman stands right in front of him from a four foot long distance.

“Yeah?” the dark-haired man murmurs.

But instead of responding to him verbally, the woman continues standing for about 3-4 more seconds. Slowly afterwards, she then reaches for her bra strap. Luckily enough, she actually manages to undo it.

The dark-haired man’s eyes widen as he immediately thinks to himself, ‘No — fucking — way.’

Way indeed, as the woman finally removes the straps from her shoulders and lets the whole thing come off completely.

With his eyes still wide, the dark-haired man instantly murmurs “Holy Mary, mother of God.”

He’s certainly not wrong, as the woman continues standing right in front of him, completely topless, obviously. But it’s not just the fact that she is topless. Her tatas are clearly firm, perhaps more so than he had anticipated. He assumes that she’ll let him touch them, but what happens instead is more far up his alley. After slowly turning, facing away from him, she then sticks her four fingers (middle and index, both from each hand, along with her thumbs), right under the sides of her panties as she slides them down slowly to her feet.

The dark-haired man watches her, of course, murmuring, “Oh, sweet Jesus.” What he sees is beyond anything his johnson can handle. The undergarments this woman had on were revealing enough. But the fact that she has taken each one of them off, he can tell that, from chest to cheeks, she is pure perfection. But pure may be an understatement, as tits and ass are not the only two things she shows.

After turning right back around, the woman then reveals none other than her pelvic area. Surprisingly enough, there is hardly anything on it. That is with the exception of what appears to be a small tattoo on the crotch. But other than that, the woman’s groin is (both clearly and completely bald); there is absolutely no pubic hair on her whatsoever.

The dark-haired man can no longer keep himself quiet, as he loudly spouts out, “Fuck me.”

“Is that what you want?” the woman calmly asks with her hands over her hips.

The dark-haired man hesitates to give a straight answer, “I didn’t mean it like —”

“Don’t be modest,” she says firmly to him, carrying a subtle grin, “You have it written all over your face. You’ve been thinking about it since the minute we met, I know it.”

“I wouldn’t — put it that way.”

The woman begins staring at him immensely. “How the fuck would you put it then?”

The dark-haired man shrugs with slight honesty. “Okay, maybe I thought about it for a second or two, but I was not considering it.”

The woman lightly chuckles as she shakes her head. “You are full of shit.”

“Okay,” he belches out, “look, since you’ve done what you’ve done, I am thinking about it right now.”

The woman looks both up and at him calmly with realization. “You do have a point.”

The dark-haired man shrugs once again, thinking to himself, ‘So?’

The woman then walks up closer to him. Seconds later, she grabs his pants and slowly pulls down his zipper.

“Wait, wha —?”

“Let’s see what we have here.”

The dark-haired man shrugs in disbelieve. “Okay then.”

“Just relax,” the woman tells him as she loosens his pants.

In a matter of two seconds, the dark-haired man’s johnson rises from underneath his, well, underwear; the skin is not visible though, but the bump on his groin is very much clear.

The woman then gives him a hand, literally, as she pulls the utheral all the way out from under the fabric.

“Oh, god,” he whimpers.

Much to her surprise, there is a lot of bark on the twig, a little too much of it perhaps. But the woman gives it a go anyway as she leans in and slowly places her mouth over the whole thing. Starting off with the tip, she slowly wraps her mouth around the shaft, pushing the foreskin down with her lips.

“Oh man,” the dark-haired man mumbles. “Oh, sweet lord.” As loud as he does that, he can barely hear the woman sucking him out; not only that, his eyes are closed as he is nearly facing the ceiling.

Minutes pass just before the woman gives him the climax he hopes for. But instead of head, she begins giving him hand this time, and it only takes him a minute or two before finally blowing out his load. Funny enough, she goes far enough as to catch that load within her own mouth.

As he gasps for air, the dark-haired man is even more surprised to see her do what she had just done. After inhaling, he soon exhales with the following phrase, “Well then.”

The woman swallows the semen as she wipes a small portion of it from her mouth with her right hand. She then stands just before smacking her lips, “How was that?”

The dark-haired man shrugs. “In all honesty, it was a lot better than I imagined it — to be.”

The woman gives him a smirk. “Thought so.” She then turns around and walks.

To which, the dark-haired man responds, “Wait.” He quickly takes the time to pack his junk right back into his pants. Oddly enough, he does not even bother zipping said pants up. As instead, he gets right back up and tries to follow her. “Where’re you going?”

“My room,” she quickly answers just before vanishing within it.

Despite attempting to respond to her, the dark-haired man quickly swallows his words and instead heads right back into her room after her.

~ In a matter of ten seconds (or maybe less than), the woman soon wakes up. Despite not knowing what time it really is, she is certain that it is at least 1-2 in the morning. None of that is what stuns her though, as she, while still bare nude, soon comes to realize that she is not alone; within her own bed specifically. Realizing that there is an arm around her, a male one, she slowly rises from the fetal position she’d been sleeping in and discovers that the arm around her is in fact, none other than, that of the dark-haired man. She is not shocked about this; I mean, why would she be to begin with? She is, however, mildly uncomfortable though. In about two minutes or less, she removes the arm and hand off of her waist (leading one of the fingers to rub up against her left breast) before slowly placing it onto his left thigh. After removing the thin blanket from her lap, she then gets up out of the bed and walks slowly over to her bathroom. Despite everything being completely dim, the door to the bathroom is in no way invisible, as she just walks right up to and opens it; she of course does it very slowly though. About ten seconds after entering, she takes one quick glimpse into the mirror; there’s really not much to see though, as it is just as dim in the room as it was outside of. As such, she then looks down at the toilet on the right-hand side of said mirror. In about 4-5 seconds, she takes the the time to kneel down on both knees. In the following seconds, she lifts the lid all the way up. Seconds after that, she then leans in forward over the bowl. What comes next is, there I say, incredibly surprising. What she does it take three of the fingers of her left hand, puts them into her mouth, sticks them into her throat, and then — yeah. There is not much that comes out though, that is except for a small portion of something. She does not bother to flush though. As instead, she takes the time to look down right at it.

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