The mystery of St Luke's Orphanage

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It is 1965. Anna has just become the mistress of St Luke's Orphanage. Will she find her long lost daughter? What is the reason for the mysterious disappearances of the children in the orphanage? Is there more to know about the history of the orphanage than meets the eye?

Mystery / Romance
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I stared into the lady's eyes, they were as familiar as the words spoken....

Suddenly, I remembered the little girl with bright, blue eyes and an innocent, pale, freckled face.

Her rose red lips uttered the words as she smiled "a mother always loves her child."

These had been words which had struck me many years ago, words which had deep meaning, words that had transformed my life, her words.

That child had transformed into the beautiful young woman standing right before me at an interview. I felt tears rush down my burning cheeks... Annie...

Years which I had tried so hard to forget flooded my memory: my young life and then work as a governess, the child that had changed my life, all the way to becoming a mistress at St. Luke's orphanage. But the memory which made me want to weep was the birth of my baby. She was tiny with charming, sapphire eyes, but I couldn't keep her. I left her in a basket with a golden pendant around her neck. Then after years passed working as a governess, I met a 6 year old orphan girl. The poor child was all on her own, yet she still firmly believed in a mother's love. This touching phrase changed my life completely and now I was working in the same orphanage giving love, that my poor baby didn't recieve from me, to others and hoping that one day I would find her and she would forgive me for what I did...

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