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Story about the survival of one boy from a clan Slater

Mystery / Thriller
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Deep breathes '(Hmmm) (hmmm)" everyone is okay "those are the words I kept telling myself as I ran down my cold drak street I called out for help but ....... Their was no answer I silently prayed with tears dripping down my chicks that I will get home and wake up from this nightmare safe and sound right into my parents secure arms but the night just going claiming more victims.

Let me take you back to the beginning of all of this: My name omas yakamoya I am sunju by tribe their isn't much to talk about when it comes to my tribe due to the fact that its completely illegal to mention anything concerning our heritage legend has it that my people where once recognized as hero's in the first great war. with that's been so my people have been hunted,killed and sold into slavery with the say we are to dangerous to be let free " making the legend more that what it is" as years went by people began to resist the rule of the over their lives and that's what brought about our near extinction.

What started out to be a peaceful protest turned to became a blood bath between we the people and the authorities ..........then finally the oder of extermination was given and massive raids of soldiers where sent in to kill every living bign with the features of a sanju"(hazaul colored eyes)" my parents ordered me to go and hide underground in The secret tunnels with the promise of "will be back okay here have my watch we will be back before its 20:00 okay we just have to take care of a few things first" we hugged and that was the last time I saw them.

Hours went by and the noise had gone down a little in most parts of the city,I kept checking the time and my parents where already 3 hours late from their promised time I had to go and look for them but 'what I was about to see I was never ready for' as I walked though pools of blood hoping that I will meet with my parents and will leave this place but no reality had another plan as I walked though the many silent bloody roads I was confronted by a soldier my heart skipped more than that just a beat as he stood in the shadows of the tree's and buildings I shock in fear as he approached the light slowly came to words aiming his rifle to my head sweet dripped down my chin I closed my eyes so that I don't see it coming and then "bang" three shots where fired but

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