Survival instinct

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Life of group of people will interject ,and they will bend in their strugle to survive.Is it a virus ,or is it the virus a niche for something else,stay and findout

Mystery / Drama
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You are what you eat

Start writing here…you are what you eat

If you are what you eat that isn’t good people will eat alot of wierd stuff but none like the Chinese they will eat everything that crawls walks resembles an animal not to blame them they did have that certain year that was poor in crops so to survive they would eat rots that grow underground.

You learn quickly not to be picky my name is Senad Mulaomerovic you foreign people are really having trouble pronouncing my name don’t bother just call me Seno I came from Prijedor a small place on the west side of Bosnia .

Whole my life I though that if you survived ” Ikar” which was a caned meat of unknown background you could survive anything .

So we laughed when the news started to bombard us about “Corona virus ” we said we were practically immune to it I like to remember it with smile with 100.000 people infected and 2000 already dead nothing work anymore schools ,police,hospitals,stores , besicaly you survive with taking from other people and the guilt will kill you literary if someone else doesn’t for a pack of flour and some juice.

At first they were protecting the borders nobody could come in or out then mass riot occurred and people demanded to see their loved ones they assaulted the border guards and took their right in to their own hands and now all the borders are free to cross.

I have a brother across the border in Slovenia atleast I think I have been looking fort him to no avail the only thing that keeps me going it’s the hope that he is alive and not killed or dead by virus like my mum she was to old to endure it .

Not long after my uncle was killed protecting me and my little neace Iman while her parents were out in the chaos of the city on a mission to buy some food for us all they never came back and me and Iman stayed the night in the basement.

I remember the way she trembled in the dark cold basement until the dawn when we finally came out i guarded her eyes from the sight half of my uncle’s head was missing and you could see the Grey matter that brain splattered on the wall.

I guide her to the living and order her to lock it and to not comout until I said so I Iburied him in the garden and on my way in i washed my hands whit water we had outside we live in a rural area so it was handy for washup from the dirt before you went inside the house.

I come inside and wash my hands again this time with warm water and soap .

Senad: Iman it’s uncle unlock the door

She props her tiny head filled with tiny blond curls and asks

“When are mom and dad coming back ”

Senad : I don’t know swetpee but I am here Am I not enough”

She nodded her head yes and wrapped her tiny hand around me kids hugs were so sincere they never could fake it if they hate they hate what it is whit us adults that we lose it we complicate life while kids keep it simple and when we argue that is it while kids are talking whit eachother the next minute .

Speaking about it I had an argument with my brother Iman’s father before him and his wife went down to the store we didn’t hug as kids would do we don’t say sorry before walking of he meant to say something and then he never did .

I went to my room to get my army rucksack I decided to leave this place it didn’t seem like it was safe to stay here and living a nomadic life would be better i doubt that Iman parents are still alive if they are i will wright a note i grab a notebook i would use to wright down a note but just then paper flies from it.

I lift a paper and finally get out from the weird confused state I’ve been .



“Come right here were I can see you”

She walks in shyly


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