Paper Palace

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Chapter Three

There's no way I'll survive a day without bringing the book I took, no stole from my aunt’s room and even though I fell in love with it, I am still at the edge every time she's around. I was being paranoid, I mean, it's just a book, not grand theft auto!

Thankfully, she didn’t confront me about the missing book. I even think that she didn’t notice that it is missing at all, which is bizarre because I swear she knows where everything is especially if we are talking about her collections of a paperback.

After the breakfast we shared that morning, I went to my room and took a shower before putting my clothes on consisting of skinny jeans and a loose long sleeve shirt. I put my beanie on to hide my long wavy hair and my glasses, grabbing my bag, and shove everything I need in there including the book and went outside.
Aunt Marga is waiting for me by the door, her eyes checking my outfit, and shook her head in disapproval before gave me a kiss on the cheek before I set off.

“Be careful out there, okay?” She said, trying to smooth down the nonexistent wrinkle on my shirt. "I don't want a replay with the torture you went through last year."

I nodded. “Yeah. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. Bye, aunt Marga!”

She waved her hand. “Bye.”

I step inside the car before it pulls away and drives towards the school and I was looking out of the tinted window silently praying and hoping that everything would be different from the experience I endured during high school.

The familiar view of the chateau welcomes my eyes whenever I went out of the premises of the house. The bright daylight beams enough to give color around the trees of either side of the road, the graceful falling leaves that give nature's tinge in the gushing wind.
The morning sun greets everyone though the air seems to be cold enough to make you shiver as it embraces you with its every dance.
This is what I imagine to be a perfect day.

I despise rain even though I am named after that weather, I don’t like the feeling of being soaked wet outside the house, and just a simple drop from the darken sky made me remember the accident that causes all these. All this hassle, all the nightmares...

As much as I love Aunt Marga, I will do everything to have my parents and brother again.

My chest tightens.

Thinking about them always made me sad, also, the fact that I can't even remember their face nor the way their voice sounds drowns me in an unfathomable melancholy. If it wasn't for that rainy day, I might still be living with my family. The weather killed them.

And, I am named after their killer.

I was awakened from my trance when the car entered the school grounds and stopped at the entrance of the building.
The school is wide and beautiful, its design is taken after the medieval times and it took my breath away.

Exiting the car and went inside, there is a pack of teenagers at every corner of the campus that seemed to mind their own business and ignored the fact that I am existing, some of them are chatting excitedly while others are kissing -or making out which is gross and a few them are reading books or whatnot. I take that as a good sign, the last time everyone looks at me is when they start bullying me, and the fact that they ignored me is a reliever than I thought it.

I went to the front desk to take my schedule. A grumpy old woman that’s sitting at the front desk seemed to have a bad day.

“Name?” She asked.

“Rainarian Sapphire Brandon,” I answered.

She looked at me before clicking something on her computer and given me a paper that consists of my schedule and the map of the school and waved me to get out of her face and I did, checking the map and went to my first class.

The hallway is crowded with people my age but they are busy finding their own classes like me. It took some time to find it because of the huge size of the school though I found it faster than I thought.

I hadn’t realized that I am earlier than necessary because the room seems to be empty when I walked in. I check the schedule again to see if I am in the right room before I went inside and took a seat in the first line of chairs, waiting for the others to come in.
There are lots of time to spare so I took the book from my backpack and read it again.

The book is an interesting read. It consists of a prince that fell in love with a peasant girl that captures his heart just by a single glance.
I know, it’s impossible for that to happen in reality but I am a romantic deep inside and I can’t help. It to fall in love with the prince and every night I found myself wishing to be the girl he fell in love with.
I am in love with the book character, his name is Prince Rafael Lorenzo. He is a crown prince in a kingdom. The author described him to be tall with dark piercing eyes and disheveled dark hair. His physical appearance made everyone fall head over heels for him, let alone his position in the royal court.
He has a brother named Charles Manuel though he is not mentioned until necessary in the book. He is like his brother though younger by a few years than him. He also has dark disheveled hair though his hair is darker than his brother and eyes are livelier than my Prince Lorenzo.
He didn’t make it to have an important role in the story so Prince Lorenzo will always be the man in my heart.
The only woman that became my nemesis is named Chloe Kayla. She is the one who captured his heart and made him broke mine. She said to be a beauty and every man is enthralled by her it along with her intelligence that even the younger prince seems to be attracted to. She has light brown hair with set curls at the end. Her eyes are ocean blue with full red natural lips.

She too fell in love with the prince and they live happily ever after. What a tragedy.

I know, I know. Too bitter.

But, I am really in love with Prince Lorenzo and I want to be Chloe Kayla. She is a very lucky girl to be paired by someone like Prince Lorenzo and I want to be her. She is lucky to be written by the author though the author is anonymous.

“Ms. Brandon?” The professor’s voice interrupted my train of thought.

I looked at him and smile. “Yeah?”

“I have been calling you for the tenth time now and it seems like you’re too focus on your book.” He said. “Mind sharing the story.”

I bit my lips before retorting. “I don’t think I am up to storytelling this morning, professor. Maybe some other time.”

The class snickered and I just lowered my head in embarrassment.

To my surprise, the professor laughed. “You’re an interesting lady, Ms. Brandon.”

“Uhm. Thanks?”

He just looked at me in amusement before introducing the topic that we are going to tackle for the whole semester and for the first time, I found myself smiling the whole time.

This would be interesting.


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