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A story about siblings who love each other always. Six characters; Millie, Oscar, Ted, Emma, Poppy, Adam. A fun filled adventure of siblings going on a search for buried treasure.

Mystery / Adventure
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Chapter 1 - Lost at Sea

I'm Emma. I am the oldest of six. I love my siblings but I have to work to provide for them. I am 16. Adam is 15. Oscar is 14. Ted is 10. Millie is 9. Poppy is 3. Our parents were lost at sea on a boating trip to find buried treasure. Treasure that made my parents go crazy. This was 2 years ago. Now we live everyday in fear of being caught by social services or being split up after being adopted.

It hasn’t been easy on us. But we don’t want to get caught or sent to social services. It’s too dangerous for us. Our parents are presumed dead but there’s a little hope in my heart that they’re not.

In 2 years I will have outgrown the system - too old to be adopted. But my siblings won’t be. No one wants a teenager so me, Adam and Oscar probably will never be adopted. Which means we will be split. No one adopts six kids. Especially if three of them are teenagers.

Let me tell you about us. I’m Emma. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I’m the oldest. I’m 16, and I have never loved anyone. Except my siblings. Adam has brown hair and brown eyes. He is 15, and a very smart kid, he would have gone a long way in school but we had to run. Oscar has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is probably the most creative, and can make clothes from scratch. He’s 14. Ted is 10. He has blonde hair and brown eyes just like our dad. Ted is obsessed with trying to find the treasure and wants us to find it to honour our parents. I hate when they say “honour” because I know my parents aren’t dead. But we can’t let him find the treasure because if we get caught it’s over. Ted knows that but it doesn’t stop him from trying to find clues about the treasure and research about it. Millie is 9. She has blonde hair and these beautiful hazel eyes. Millie is quiet and shy and always has her hair in pigtails. She is an excellent reader and always had her nose in a book. Poppy is 3. She has these long blonde hair and big blue eyes. She was just like mum. Poppy didn’t know much but she was the thing that lit up my day when I got home from work.

Working is difficult - I work in the mines and get paid 10 pounds an hour and work for 7 hours with a 1 hour lunch break. I earn 70 pounds each day. Which provides us with food, water and bedding for at least a week.

Anways, to where our story begins...

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