NOT a Bigamist

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All was because of me...

Mystery / Fantasy
S.K. Reyes
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Not a Bigamist

It was a lovely afternoon, Kate got dressed and went off to her favorite cafe. She went out and sat on the bench exposing the scenery, right after she received her order.

An hour later, as she was walking straight ahead to home, she bumped herself into a well-groomed man.

Kate said sorry to the man, and was surprised by his response:

"Nice meeting you again."

She strangely and unconcsiously smiled back, when the man smiled at her while saying those words.

After their short meeting, Kate directly went home and the incident unvoluntarily flushed into Kate's mind. Then, she wondered why those stranger's actions, as well as his words, were familiar ---- very.

As days turned into weeks, Kate noticed the presence of that "well-dressed man" every afternoon ---- at exact time, in the cafe.

She wanted to talk to him, but she was not able to. Until then, she ignored the man's presence and proceeded to her usual routine.

Then, this one delightful afternoon, the man approached her--- trying not to be a stranger.

Later on, they became friends. Surprisingly, Kate and Luke *the well-dressed man*, shares the same interest and the most-alike lifestyle.

Kate fell in love with Luke, and so does the man---- but in denial.

Kate sensed something odd from Luke every time they were together. Fear maybe?

Kate did not want to ask him about it because she was scared of something ----she just feared it.

One night, when Kate visited Luke. She unconsciously closed her eyes and smelled the familiar fragrance as she entered the house. She sat down by the wooden table with an open notebook ----a diary perhaps.

She held it with her hands and the words that came after she opened it were like electricity that flowed all throughout her body.

*AM I HER? ...


She did not know what it meant nor what's what. She just got chills and her hands---not herself--- started on flipping the pages. She had read everything.

Shocked. Surprised. Angry.

and she mourned.

The reason of their meeting, of the familiarities, of the sensed fear in Luke, of their similarities.

The book gave her that reason.

Kate was Luke.

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