The tragic of the family

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A story of the family who have a son that is studying hard to pass the exam while his father is a neurosurgeon at a hospital and a house wife etc.

Mystery / Drama
KI NG Hens Galanza
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The beginning

One day a family in a village called momento of the rich (literally thats the name of the village).

(First day of school)

That day while me and and classmates are eating in the cafeteria we we're just having fun and when we get back to our designated room studying hard day by day. And when we got home i heard my parents talking that they should get me a coach.

And when i entered my room i saw a letter from my mom saying study hard. I was confused when i read that letter its like she has planned something. I know that they would get me a coach but why?

(The next day)

Still they didn't tell me about the coach. Still wondering why? I've become the class favorite student and some of my test questions are wrong. Why am i like this my father is going to kill me when he knew so when i got home. It was too late my teacher called them saying (your son got the lowest score) and my father wants me tobe succesful like he does but im dead at this point.

My father just locked me up in a study cube just what im expected.

My mother was so worried about me i can hear them through the door they were arguing cause my father doesn't trust the coach but my mother replied saying: but our son he needs the coach. Fine if thats what you want for our child said dad.

(The next day)

Mom just ask the coach to make me go to college and became a profesional coach so they paid her so much so she could teach me on my studies day and night.

(Day before the first grading test)

The coach she is helping me a lot on my studies so she just make me meditate and i think im just brain washed by her to compete with other's.

(Day of the first grading test)

And that day i just remember my coach saying go compete with other's so i follow that rule cuz i don't wanna disobey her and just what i expected i got perfect mark on the test.

But still my father is not convinced yet he is still background checking the coach. And just like my father the coach is a bit suspicious it's like she's not normal at all.


Got all my 3 test perfect and they celebrated me saying congratulations and this is the day where it all started

They celebrated for my success but its not done yet i have to pass the last exam so my dad will be proud.

So i open up my phone my friend just texted me *tingtong*

Carlos: dude wanna hang out?
Kendrick: where dude?
Carlos: in that new ice cream shop
Kendrick: wut? There's a new ice cream shop gosh imma go meet you there!


Ummm where's Carlos? its seven now
i texted him an hour ago? Imma text him again goshhh!

Kendrick: hey dude where are you?
Kendrick: im here like an hour ago!
Kendrick: is everything okay im going to your house now!

The door opened

Ohh hi maam is Carlos in there right now? i just texted him like three times and his not replying!

Carlos mom: no he just said he's going to celebrate your success in that ice cream shop.

Hes not replying gosh Carlos plss reply man...

What happen to carlos...

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