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"Her eyes were wide with fear, and her legs threatened to give way as she read, over and over, the note scribbled in red that was lying on the hallway table; ripped writing paper with a rose resting on top. 'Roses are red 'Violets are blue 'You're better off dead 'He's coming for you'" Shortly after 19-year-old Holly Cassia loses both parents in a mysterious murder with no lead except a single, bloody rose with the thorns deep in the palm of their hands, she is the only one left. The killer is out to get her, leaving notes with the familiar roses left next to them. But soon after some near-death experiences, she's taken captive by the dark, enigmatic Emmerson Tyrel that hides her from her killer, what will happen to the two's relationship? Are they more alike than it seems? And will they be able to uncover and do away with this murderer before it's too late?

Mystery / Romance
Mind Of Meesha
Age Rating:

քʀօʟօɢʊɛ ~💮

Roses are used as a symbol or representation of love for most people. Or something priceless and enchanted in a fairytale. The delicate, deep reds that tint the petals perfectly and attract in its own way. The sharp, protective thorns that sting and pierce skin mercilessly when someone gets too comfortable or close. Something about them makes them all the more enticing - the unique formation of the petals’ pattern, the deceptive beauty that stains your hand with red droplets similar to its own colour.

But who would expect to fund some dug deep into the palms of two dead bodies, dark, inky blood spattered on the outer petals? Who would use a rose as a deadly symbol to go with death threats of a notorious killer? And why would they go after a nineteen-year-old girl after the mysterious deaths of her parents? And when all seemed fatal, who really was the boy who took her captive and hid her from the killer behind the rose, and why?

Never before has a flower been more dangerous and enigmatic than that of Holly Cassia’s.

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