Annabel Summer

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Annabel Summer finds herself in mortal peril as a dangerous chain of events is set into action immediately after the death of her Grandfather - the man who sought to kill Annabel herself. She has to figure out why this is happening to her while struggling to escape other murderous family members, and even her most trusted ally. Leading her to believe that one must never truly trust anyone - not even the story teller, itself...

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George King II

The universe truly had a knack for surprising me in some of the most unique yet irksome ways. Still does, if I’m being honest. At the time however, I was just sick and tired of constantly being on high alert - on the lookout for anyone who might try to hurt me. Oh, how I still wonder! What did I ever do to have my own family plotting to get rid of me — FOREVER! If I was such a burden to them, they could’ve just sent me away. But… that’s not how it turned out, obviously. You see, they sent me to take care of my “ill” Grandfather, and the sickening part of it all is - I actually really loved the old man, and was happy to do so… until I found out what was actually going on. My own Grandfather sought to kill me; and when he failed, he somehow managed to send everyone else after me, as well.

Now, you may fancy me mad, but I do not lie. I saw the great evil inside the old man when he was lying in bed one day, smiling a disgusting fake grin up at me - his prey. How did I know so, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you… I am gifted with the power to see and hear all that lies between heaven and hell, defeat all evil, and bless all good — so believe me when I say that George King II was nothing but a deceitful, old devil.

It took me a good 18 years to realize what Grandfather’s true motives were, but I am glad I did when I did for he was just an inch away from successfully murdering me. See, a few months ago, my Grandfather had fallen terribly ill. I was sent by my Uncle to look after him for a few weeks for I was supposedly his favorite granddaughter. Of course, I sensed that he was lying about Grandfather’s intentions, but I had to obey him because he had adopted me and taken me away from other immediate harm some 8 years ago. So, I took the train from Strathmore to Hilton, and arrived at Grandfather’s estate in a few hours. It was a lovely and lavish home, and the way it looked when moonlight hit it at exactly the right angle always managed to put me in a trance - probably what the old man was hoping for because it would certainly make it easier to kill an all-knowing being if she was trapped in some dark, gripping magic. On the other hand, Grandfather seemed happy to see me. This was not at all unexpected because he was, after all, going to kill me and successfully fulfill his evil destiny. However, I was never going to let that happen for my mission was and is to defeat all vile and cruel creatures on this planet - and Grandfather was certainly an epitome of that.

Now before I go on, keep in mind that I have not been able to figure out what the man’s plan was even to this day. It troubles me deeply, but just the fact that I, an all-knowing being, was unable to piece together the parts of his scheme go on to prove how dangerous and gruesome Grandfather’s ploy truly was. Despite that missing the piece of the puzzle, I was sure that he had set his plan into motion a week after I arrived at his estate. He kept me in his sight at all times, and even had the housekeepers keeping watch over me when he couldn’t. I could feel everyone’s prying eyes upon me from when I woke up to when I slept. But wait… Aha! I had you there, didn’t I? Of course I wasn’t foolish enough to sleep in the house of the man who was trying to kill me - oh no! I stayed up every single night thinking of ways I could beat the old hag at his game. I had countless ideas, each one more cunning than the last, but I couldn’t exercise any of them for, as I mentioned, I had people watching me every second of every minute of every hour of every day.

I truly believed that this was it for me. That it was the end of Annabel Summer. But of course, I was wrong for I am indeed, sitting here, and telling you my story, am I not? How did I manage to escape that treacherous house of evil, you may I ask? Well, I believe the Good Lord had something to do with that for he told me what he was going to do to help me. Yes! You heard me right - God was standing in my room, and was speaking to me. He was dressed in the most beautiful white lounge suit, and held me in his arms as I told him that was burdening me. When I had let out all my emotions, and shown my vulnerable side to Him, He smiled a very warm and understanding smile, and said to me, in the most angelic voice, “Now, that you have shown me you trust me, I know that I can trust you as well, my dearest Annabel. Now, listen to me carefully…”


I finally slept that night. Oh, and what a wonderfully delightful night it was! I slept soundly for I knew that as long as He was out there, I was safe. Of course, it wasn’t all up to Him though. I had my own part to play in his plan - a huge one too, if I may say so myself. He had entrusted me with something I was to use exactly 5 days later, just before I went back to Uncle Luther and Aunt Marge’s home. Waiting for the day to come was ever so tiring and unconventionally boring. Other than the person who sought to kill me, I had no one to really interact with. There were the maids, yes, but they were always extremely busy cleaning and dusting every inch of the huge manor to keep things tidy when they weren’t watching me. Yes, they were also supporting Grandfather in my killing (I am sure of it), hence I couldn’t really trust them, either. So, I had no-one and nothing to do! Or so I thought…

You see, I found something at the King estate, and boy-oh-boy was it ever so interesting. In the days I had before I left, I had decided to explore the mansion’s secrets in hopes to find the reason why Grandfather was trying to kill me. I found nothing relating to that - as you already know - but, I found something way better: Grandfather’s will. It was kept hidden in a drawer in his library, and honestly, he had made some questionable choices. He had decided to give a quarter of his estate to Uncle Luther, half to Uncle Harold, and the last bit to charity. What confused me about his will was that he gave absolutely nothing to my parents. He had given not even a single penny out of the hundred thousand or so dollars he had, to the people who needed it the most. This was outrageous! My parents had five children, including me, and were really struggling with their finances - that is why I was brought up by my Uncle and Aunt instead of by them. And honestly, out of all the filthy, disgraceful kids he had, my mother, Joanne King, was easily the most acceptable and humane. Sure, she had made some questionable choices in Grandfather’s eyes (that being marrying my poor father), but that was certainly better than being an alcoholic, or walking out on a very profitable wedding arrangement and ruining the not-so-noble name of King even more! So, I did what I had to do, and changed what was already there a tiny bit to make it more just and fair for all his children - well, okay, most of his children.

I felt pretty happy and accomplished after that wild adventure. But, that didn’t last very long for my last day at Grandfather’s house had arrived when I woke up the next morning. I had a fair bit of work to do, so I got to it. I had to keep a close lookout for anyone who might have been trying to make a move on me. At the time, I thought having your life under threat was exhilarating. It gave me such a rush, you know. I felt powerful - like nothing could defeat me - and I felt terribly important, too. I think myself foolish when I look back to these beliefs I had then, and the decisions I made to keep those feelings close to myself. Oh, I was so utterly stupid! Just to feel more brave I made the very insane decision to go to the archery range near Grandfather’s house. And, oh boy, just a few moments after I stepped into the place, an arrow whooshed past me - an inch away from arm! Imagine - had it been just a little more to the left, I would’ve died then and there with a bloody arrow right through my heart. I immediately ran back home as fast as I could. It felt like I was racing to beat the devil himself. The adrenaline pumping through my veins cause me to laugh half the way back, and I must say, I certainly got the thrill I was looking for.

An hour before my departure to the train station, Grandfather summoned me to his room. I knew that this was it - the moment of life or death, literally. It was also the moment I would have to accomplish the task His Holiness had assigned to me with utmost discretion - this meant no weapons of self preservation. The pressure was mounting, but I knew I had to stay calm, and so I did.

“Come in, my dearest Annabel,” called Grandfather after I knocked at his bedroom door. He was sitting up in his bed, and smiling welcomingly up at me. I smiled back at him (I had to maintain my act). “Have a seat please,” he gestured at a chair situated near his bed. I took it reluctantly for it was within his reach, and he could potentially stab me at any point - but pleasing God was honestly more important than my life to me at that point. “Annabel, I want to talk to you about something extremely important,” Grandfather started. “However, before I tell you what it is, you must promise me that you will tell no-one about this conversation.” “I give you my word that I will tell no-one of this conversation,” I said excitedly. I broke this promise later, however, but it was for a very major cause. Sticking to what I was saying though, Grandfather thanked me for my word next and said, “Your Uncle Luther is a dangerous man, Annabel.” I stared at him in confusion and awe - George King II, actually had the audacity to call a fairly okay gentleman “dangerous” when he was the one who was trying to kill me. I held back the urge to say what I just said, and asked him how this was so instead. “Annabel, you Uncle Luther came to visit me a few days before you came here, just after he had received the news that I had fallen sick.” I nodded, and urged him to continue. “Well, you might’ve thought that he came to me to offer me some help, and give me, say ‘words of encouragement’ or something of that sort - but no… he had some other ulterior motives of coming to see me.” I was so invested in the story at that point that I had forgotten that I was talking to my potential murderer. “ He wanted to talk to me about my will. A more appropriate way of saying it however would be, he wanted me to change my will and give him the majority of my money.” I gasped. “Yes, I was just as shocked as you are. Even more so when he threatened my life if I didn’t do as he said. Now, you must understand I was terribly weak at that time, and I had to agree. However, since then I have changed my will to the way it originally was - I am stronger than I was then, and I can handle anything anyone throws my way.” Grandfather was smiling gently at me now, and said, “However, you, Annabel might still end up getting hurt somehow. So, I wanted to warn you of what the future might hold for you, and give you a, uh, head start, in a way.” I just sat there, motionless. So, Grandfather felt a little “guilty” about wanting to kill me (obviously) and probably threatened that he wouldn’t be able to finish his quest, and so, he had decided to send my all powerful Uncle after me as well, and gave me a warning about it just to mock me. What a twisted old psycho! “Annabel? Are you quite all right?” he asked. “Wha… Oh yes! I am doing just fine,” I lied. “Well, I feel a lot better now, Annabel. Thank you for all you have done for me these past few days. Now, would you please be so kind to give your old man a hug?” This was it - the moment of truth. I smiled and did what I had to do - “Goodbye, Grandfather… Sleep tight.”

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