Chasing His Rose

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-The most thrilling and mind-blowing crime case of the 21st Century- In 2019, there were a series of deadly killings observed in the thick forest of Embalia; a small country lining the borders of Asia. The victims seemed to be clawed and simply preys of animal attacks, yet there was one particular similarity that made many think that the killings had something more to do with than being just animal attacks. A young woman would always be found at the crime scenes, crying her heart out. Detective Zayan was smart, bored, Trending Ten magazine's top eligible bachelor and one of the best detectives of Asia. The curious case of the Embalia killings soon caught his eye and whole interest, especially when the prime suspect was a woman with such charm and innocence that he couldn't help but feel captivated.

Mystery / Romance
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“Chief, come quickly. I hear some shuffles from this side of the forest.”

“I do, too. Let’s go.”

Pushing past the thick forest branches, the Embalian Police squad rushed across the forest floor and the sticky puddles irritating their souls. The air was moist and wet, and it was the sound of the buzzings mixed with the smell of blood that made many feel sick with nausea.

Stomping across the fallen leaves, the chief of the police pushed a huge bush aside and immediately ordered his force to halt as he eyed a young man lying in the middle of an open meadow. The man seemed to be brutally clawed by an animal with his hands frozen in a manner that showed he had been trying to defend himself. Next to him was a young woman sitting perfectly fine. She was curled up into a ball and crying her heart out.

“Miss!” The chief ran towards her with a blanket, while the rest of the task force rushed towards the man.

This was one of the first Embalia killings.

The girl, who had been sitting next to the young man, would be present in all the other crime scenes, usually crying her heart out. She carried no weapons, no tools, except for a baseball bat, and the clawed victims were free of any finger marks.

It was one of the most blogging cases that required the best detective in Asia to intervene and solve the case.

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