The Chronicles of a Super Villain

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He was terrorizing the country, looking for ways to avenge his pain. He would rob, mock the police and look for challenges. The frustration had grown profound because the security forces just couldn't catch this criminal...until she arrived. Detective Mehreen; a woman with strength, power and a mind. She held strong hate against criminals and was clever enough to be considered as a challenge.

Mystery / Drama
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Chapter 1

The loner in school, the last one to get picked, Fawad had learned at a young age that the society had already set cliques for people. The judged and they broke, so there was no point in living up to their expectations.

He had been abandoned at an old home at a very young age...found himself wondering why a mother with a heart made to love had left him behind in a dark place. He spent his teens being tortured at the shelter place, mocked because of his interest in Great histories and planet studies. So many times, children had punched him enough to cause his teeth to fall out.

He was shy, quiet and studious; a perfect combination that attracted so many bitter souls to treat him as a punching bag.

After being made a victim of a vicious prank in college, Fawad tightened a black eye-mask around his face and steeled his fists. This was the moment when the shy and studious Fawad disappeared for the world and ‘Dark Fist’ emerged.

The country was in havoc...banks were robbed, and the had become the biggest target of ‘Dark Fist’. Crimes were committed, facing museums were robbed, yet no one knew how to catch ‘Dark Fist’ until she came along.

Detective Mehreen

She was a woman with sheer hate for crime, too cold for people to get to her, and her biggest passion was to catch ‘Dark Fist’ for reasons no-one knew for sure.

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