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Cassandra is the unpopular girl on the high school dance team. When she is found dead by the lake one summer, her friends and family go on the search for her killer. The interviews of her boyfriend and many friends go on in vain, with all of them recalling moments when they have seen Cassandra. They can’t explain how, but they know she is alive and more well than she ever was. What has really happened to Cassandra? This book is dedicated to the memory of my mother-in-law, Pamela Kay Rhine. Thank you, so much for raising the man I love. The Phoenix series will be dedicated in whole, to the victims of domestic violence. May we raise a generation that knows and acts on the wisdom, better than we have and those who came before us.

Mystery / Other
Bella Kay
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Dead Girls Talk

The small town lake in Port Whitamer becomes a boisterous environment at dusk. The gravelly, drawn-out shriek of the barn owl cuts through the hues of magenta and orange that have been freshly brushed across the Lord’s canvas. The orchestra of the insects accompanies the sweet chirrups of the Sparrows.

“The shores of this lake used to bring me so much peace, but all that’s left are the secrets of my demise,” the perished Cassandra considers within herself.

The crunching of leaves under the heavy boots of her killers are becoming faint, now. Suddenly the headlights of Cassandra’s hand-me-down car were shining brightly in her uncomprehensible eyes. What were once stunning green eyes with a hint of gold flecks, were cloudy and empty. Her ivory skin was already appearing dull, and her long auburn hair had been cut short. The car came barreling toward her lifeless body, only to cut sharply to the right just as the headlights were casting out over the water, tossing sand onto her face.

6 hours earlier...

The tires of Genevieve’s silver Grand Am came to a slow stop as she pulled into the drive. Cassandra’s mother bounced out of her car, eager to see her daughter after being gone for a work seminar. Usually a woman of class and poise, she never could hold back her excitement to see family. Especially her children. Genevieve had a very unique and lovely relationship with her two kids. She loved them so fully, deeply and purely. It was the envy of many of their friends. It had only been three days, but it’s the longest they had been apart in four years. Genevieve’s pixie hair cut was freshly maintenanced and the auburn color glistened in the evening sun. Cassandra got her ivory skin and her freckles, that she always described as angel kisses, from her mother. Genevieve’s beautiful blue eyes sparkle with the idea of hugging and laughing with Cassandra.

“Cass, I’m home,” cried out Genevieve as she pushed the steel, blue, exterior door open, and hung her long purse strap from the glass handle of the coat closet. Being the creature of habit that she is, this was the exact place she rested her bag every evening after work. She couldn’t explain why, but this moment of the typically normal day-to-day mannerism felt different this time.

“Cassie! Are you home?” Genevieve slipped her shoes off in front of the closet door. The glass door knob caught her eye again. It was the same old door knob that she looked at every day. Today it caught her attention differently. She fondly recalled how absolutely positive Cassandra had been that the interior doors all had diamonds for handles. Genevieve laughed, “Cassandra Marie, where are you!?” She only called her daughter by that name, when they were teasing each other or when Cass was in real trouble. To which end, Genevieve was sure it would bring her daughter out of her hiding place. Hiding place... now there’s a laugh. Cassandra hadn’t played hide and seek with her mother since she was a tiny thing. It would have been around the same time that Cassandra thought the interior door knobs were diamonds.

Genevieve continued roaming through their three bedroom, ranch style home. She called out Cassandra’s name three more times. Still no answer from her daughter. Panic started to set in. That uneasy feeling she felt suddenly began to make sense. It came from the clear echo demanding that the house was empty. There was no Cass to answer back. No welcome hug. Why wasn’t she here? They had discussed the terms of her mother leaving for a few days and one of those terms was that she was home that day to welcome her mother home. They had spoke on the phone everyday since Genevieve had left. They discussed, in full detail, what day and what time she would be home. She was only gone for two nights. She was confident that Cassandra had today off. What time was it? They agreed that they would both be there at 2 o’clock this afternoon. A quick glance at her slender gold watch gave her the obvious answer.

“12:30! I’m early. Of course, she’s at Mom’s!” Of course, Cass was undoubtedly at her lunch spot. The same place she had ate lunch every day since school got out in May. This was the only logical explanation. She had to be there. Genevieve jumped back into her shoes, snatched her purse and ran out to the car. She couldn’t wait to see everyone! The drive to Grandma’s house was short. They only lived a few blocks away. As short as it truly is, it seemed to take forever. Though it seemed logical, she couldn’t fight the pit in her stomach that it was correct. She would know as soon as she turned down the road. Cassandra always parked in front of the house so her mother could pull into the drive. Genevieve would be able to see it from the two blocks away the side street was. Turning onto the street was a disappointment. Cassandra’s car wasn’t in the street.

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