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Vanishing of the Unpopular Girl

Genevieve continued down the road to her mother’s house. “She must have pulled into the drive, because I’m so early,” Genevieve determined. Upon arrival to her mother’s house, Cassandra’s car was still nowhere to be found.

“They are trying to surprise me! Her car is probably in the garage or in the alley,” Genevieve laughed, “ I’ll forgive her just this once.” She pulled into the driveway and came to a stop. After a glance in the mirror to check her hair and makeup, she calmly stepped out of her car. “They sure think they are clever,” she thought to herself. She slowly strolled up the sidewalk as if nothing was array, at all. Upon opening the front door, she noticed her mother was sitting in the living room watching t.v. “Hi Mom, I’m back. The two of you think you are real funny, don’t you. Where is Cassandra?” Genevieve put her head on a quick swivel. All she came up with was a blank stare from her mother.

“What are you going on about?” Moira Patrickson was a stunningly glamorous woman of wisdom and the same class that she had passed down to Genevieve. She was esteemed and full of grace, but in this moment she looked rather perturbed. Her late husband had worked very hard to leave their family well taken care of when he had departed to the Heavenly places in the decades prior. It was clear to his family that it was his desire to do so, and he had succeeded.

Moira got up from her chair and hugged her daughter. “Cassandra hasn’t made it over for lunch yet, today. It is nice to see you, too, though.” Cassandra’s grandmother, as dignified as she is, could often have a very dry sense of humor. With a deep sigh of both relief and slight irritation, Genevieve embraced her mother. “It’s good to see you, too, Mom. Have you heard from Cassie, yet?” Moira backed up to hold Genevieve by her shoulders and look into her eyes. “What in the world is going, Genie? Cassandra told me that the two of you had planned on meeting at your house at 2 o’clock, and now you’re running in here looking for her over an hour early.”

“ Oh, Mom, I’m just not at all sure. We got done at the seminar early, so I drove straight home. I was planning on surprising her, then grabbing lunch and coming here together. I figured that I would probably catch her getting done with a shower, or doing her hair. When she wasn’t there I assumed that she was here, trying to surprise me. She does like to do those things, you know.” Shaking her head, Moira hung her daughter’s purse on the bannister of the stairs in her entryway. Genevieve took that as a sign to get comfortable, so she slipped out of her shoes and put them next to the door where Moira preferred. “Well, Genie, I’m sure there is no reason to worry. That boyfriend of hers probably talked her into getting a late breakfast or having a lunch date. Have you called her, yet?” Grandma Moira was a fixer. She always wanted the absolute best for her family.

“Mother, I am not calling that boy. When I spoke to Cassie last night she told me they had broken up. Apparently, he was cheating on her. She was pretty upset. As controlling as he seems to be, I highly doubt that she went out to breakfast or lunch with him.” Genevieve really disliked Cassandra’s recent boyfriend, Mark. She had only met him once, but she got really bad vibes from him. The one thing she was always attoment about teaching Cassandra was to listen to her intuition, especially when it meant having an uncomfortable feeling about someone. Though she had spent many years watching Cassandra stick to her guns about fighting for her rights and morals, she had watched her daughter suddenly become timid and shy when it came to Mark.

Seemingly perplexed, Moira walked to the dinning room table. “Did she really? I just spoke with her about their relationship at lunch yesterday and she was telling me all about how wonderful he is and how happy he makes her. Are you sure they broke up?” Moira shook her head again as she sat down in her place at the table. The dinning room table was the place they had all of their deepest conversations, deliberations and gossip lines. Knowing that gesture meant that she was expected to take her seat at the table, Genevieve followed suit. “Mom, contrary to what she would have you believe, she isn’t always forth coming with the truth. She is terrified of disappointing you.”

Completely unnerved by her daughter’s accusation, Moira sat back in her seat and crossed her legs differently. “Oh nonsense, Genie. She knows that I am proud of her. Maybe we should call that friend she has been hanging around lately. What was her name? Was it Ashley, maybe, or Nichole? No, perhaps Katie?” Moira tends to disregard the names of people that she is less then fond of. With an undeniably agitated look on her face, Genevieve grabbed her phone to start making some calls. “ I can only assume that you mean Iris. I dont particularly care for her either, Mom. She is always talking Cassandra into being involved with such seedy people. I do wish that Cass would understand her worth.” Genevieve has always been so proud of her daughter, both of her children actually. Her oldest, Jared, was off earning a prestigious education at a wonderful university. At this point of her high school career, it looked as though Cassandra would follow in his footsteps. “I better start with people that I have numbers for. She mentioned something about working the dinner shift last night. Maybe I should call Grace at the restaurant and see if she has seen of heard from Cass.”

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