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The Light Penetrates the Darkness

Fighting to catch her breath, Cassandra’s eyes began to open. Everything was blurry, dark and smelled musky. She had no idea where she was, but she definitely wasn’t in her car anymore. Her first thoughts were to get up and run, but she wasn’t sure why. It was quiet around her, other than the birds, insects and waves. Her head was throbbing, and her clothes were wet. Her attempts at movement throughout her body went on to no prevail. She tried to speak, but no sound came out. Terror surged through her veins when the sound of two recognizable voices resonated near her.

“Don’t forget that I am the one who holds the power in this situation. You can’t get what you want out of this, what you have wanted all this time, without me,” the vocalization of her female captor asserting dominance over her accomplice sent a shudder down Cassandra’s back.

“Whatever they gave me must be wearing off,” she thought. “How long was I out?” With no telling how far away she was from the place she had been attacked, Cassandra started doing the only movement she was capable of...blinking. Her vision was still fuzzy, she could barely make out a description of where she was.

“Cassandra listen to my voice. I’m not here to harm you, but I would like to help. Open your eyes again,” there was a third person! Obviously, this situation going to get a lot worse. Not knowing what else to do, Cassandra opened her eyes. All that was there was a shadow, it seemed. She still couldn’t see things distinctly.

The arguing voices were muffled again and fading. “It’s ok, you’re falling asleep one more time. When you wake up it will all be over,” the mysterious voice promised her.

“What’s this,” Cassandra was lost inside of her own mind, but something had appeared in her hand. It hadn’t been there before, she was sure of it. It was heavy but thin and slick in the palm of her hand. The slick part felt like glass or plastic, the other end had a cluster of bumps. She was certain it was a phone, but how had it go there? Sleep was coming slower this time, only interrupted by the hostility and what could only be explained as celebrating via reconciliation between the two who brought her to such misery.

“The shores of this lake used to bring me so much peace, but all that’s left are the secrets of my demise,” Cassandra considered, lost inside of her perished body. The leaves under the boots of her killers became faint as they laughed and scrambled for the car. A high pitched squeal came from the tree line, accompanied by the low rumble of the engine of Cassandra’s hand-me-down car. The lights shone brightly in the clouds of her once stunning green eyes. The mystery shadow man appeared again, eclipsing the lights of the car.

“Cassandra, it’s over now. Don’t be afraid.” Just as she was sure the car was going to trample over her, the headlights took over the entire environment and turned blistering white.

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