The Class of 2012

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If only Cara knew what was going to happen in her near future, she would not be so excited instead, she would dread it. For tomorrow, something so grave would happen questioning every decision she took. For tomorrow, something so life-threatening would happen and after that neither her nor the people who she calls dear would remain the same

Mystery / Thriller
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Great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective.

Cara was very excited, for tomorrow she will be meeting people who she hasn’t seen in 8 years. Her high school class reunion was being planned for almost a year now and tomorrow was the big day where she would get to catch up on her fellow ex-classmates.

She was not the only one excited, Cara met all of her current best friends, Ava, Leia, Ian and Ryan in high school, even though at that time she was friends with Hazel, Leia’s cousin and not her, now Leia and Cara were almost inseparable.

Cara’s P.O.V

Although when I was young I dreaded high school, now after facing real-life problems, high schools feels like paradise.

There is a misconception that a high school student can only be a jock, nerd, council member, etc. It’s wrong, I was part of the school soccer team, president of the student council, aced almost all subjects (except maths...I hated Maths) and loved reading books.

Anyways, here I was in the mall, with Ava and Leia searching for a dress that I could wear tomorrow.

“Hey Leia, are you excited to meet your sister, Hazel The last time I remembered she was in New York. I heard she got promoted and became the director of some company.” Ava said.

Hazel was mine and Ava’s best friend from high school, she was there for me when my little sister died from cancer, but we lost touch when we were in college. We talk sometimes but not as much as we used to before. I also noticed that when Ava mentioned Hazel, Leia flinched and became more interested in the dress than the conversation.

“Yep she did, my mom wouldn’t stop talking about it," Leia muttered half-heartedly.

“Who is hungry? I am starving. We also told the boys, we would be back before 6 right.” I asked, changing the topic before Ava could say anything else.

Now here we are, the 5 of us at my house just chilling and gossiping.

"Ava, can you come here once, I need your help with this," Ian shouted. Did I tell you Ian and Ava were a thing? They look so cute together.

"Don't make out in my kitchen" I shouted making Ava blush.

"No promises," Ian shouted back and I laughed. In my peripheral vision, I saw Leia glaring at them but I ignored that because Leia hates it when Ian and Ava are being all lovey-dovey, she gets grossed out by it.

"who is excited about tomorrow's reunion party?" Leia asked, specifically for the boys because she knew how thrilled me and Ava were for the party.

"Yeah, can't wait." Ryan said sarcastically earning an eye roll from all the girls.

"At least act like you are excited Ryan, you are ruining the mood here." Ava pouted.

"Well, I can't help it. Why are all of you so eager for the party? Part of the reason I was happy after completing high school was because I loved the idea of not meeting those people ever again." He said earning another eye roll, this time from Ian too.

"Ryan--" Before I could say anything he interrupted.

"Jeez, I am very sorry I said that I'll act more interested for the party, okay?"

"Okay." I said happy with his response.lo

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