Death Case

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*One Week Later*

"Wake up! Lewis April!" I opened my eyes and sat on my bed making me feel dizzy

I looked at my door and saw Tony, "What time is it?" is the first thing I asked

He looked at his phone, "8:47 A.M."

"The hell do you want at me at this hour" I angrily threw my pillow to him while going to my closet... Luckily he dodged it

"Bro, listen. They caught the culprit" I stopped at my tracks and looked at him, eyes wide open

"What?" I know I heard but my brain won't process everything. The culprit... the culprit who killed Vida

A week ago, a day after the party in my classmate's house, people found out that Vida was murdered. Her body was found under the bridge going to our school. They said that the street cleaners smelled something bad and decided to look for it and saw Vida's body

It was brutal actually, she was stabbed multiple times and we saw some gunshots in her chest, head and legs. The incident put Sunny and her family down, we barely talked to her because she kept her distance

Me and Tony are so worried she might hurt herself, but nevertheless her parents watched her always.

"Hey Lewis, you listening?" I snapped back to reality when Tony wave his hands infront of me, "Ah yes. About the culprit something? Who is it?"

He shrugged, "Dunno, Sunny just called and said that the police caught the culprit. We don't have much time, let's go we might not see it"

I nodded and went out with him.

It was 20 minutes drive and we have to walk in a closed alley for atleast 10 minutes so basically our way to the police station is 30 minutes at all

"It's crowded... Can we pass?" I asked Tony and he shrugged while fishing his phone
"Hey... Sunny we need help out here. It's freaking crowded" I didn't heard what Sunny replied but Tony nodded and put his phone off
We waited for 5 minutes before we saw Sunny in a black turtle neck shirt and a jeans with a coat on, "Hey..." she greeted in a hoarse voice as if she have been crying
"Were you crying? Don't you think you should be happy since the culprit is caught?" Tony asked
"You... you wouldn't believe it. You wouldn't believe who killed my sister" Tony and I looked at each other before following Sunny inside
There we saw Sunny's mom and dad, sitting in a chair cryig their eyes out. We greeted them, "T-tony" Sunny's mom choked
Tony raised his brows in a question way but Sunny's mom didn't continue
"This way..." Sunny lead the way to one of the cell
We all stopped in our tracks and stared at the person infront of us
"The...the culprit is..." I looked at Sunny and she nodded
"It's Spencer--"
"No! It can't be!" We looked at Tony when he shouted and run his fingers to his hair
"Tony relaxed..." he looked at me, furious and shocked
"You think I can?! My cousin is blamed for something he didn't do"
I looked at Spencer and his eyes are saying what Tony is saying, he was blamed for nothing
But I can't think of it right now, Tony is getting wild and Sunny is crying again, "He... he is Tony--"
"No! He wouldn't kill your sister Sunny, he can't. Right Spencer?" Spencer nodded when Tony looked at him in his eyes
"I love Vida so much... I-I can't do that to her"
"See?" I sighed when everything is getting tense
"But the evidence and all testimony points him" Sunny replied
"No I believe--"
"I believe that there's no criminal who admits his works Mr. Chack" we looked at a police officer who grabbed Spencer in his arm
"Now we have to go to the detention area for some interrogations"
He was about to go when Spencer held his hand, "May I... May I please talk to Lewis?" he asked
The officer looked at me and I awkwardly stood there, Uh... what does he want to talk with me?
"5 minutes" Spencer went to me and grabbed my hand
"Woah, woah. Where the hell are you bringing me?"
"Just... just follow. Okay?" he let go of my hand and went to a exclusive area
"Okay now what?
"I need your help..."
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