Death Case

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I rolled on my bed and sat up, it's past 12 in the midnight and I think I'm the only one who's awake

Well, you can't blame me, what Spencer asked me was bugging in my head up until now

"Okay now what?"

"I need your help"

I looked at him suspiciously and shook my head, "I'm sorry I won't"

"You don't even know what I was going to say" He replied before putting his hands on my shoulder

"Listen, I am falsely accused..." I looked at him straight in the eyes "... I don't know what happened but when I woke up this morning, police are in my house and I was arrested for killing my girlfriend... Lewis my girlfriend you think I can do that?"

"I think so?" I absent-mindedly answered

"NO!" he widened his eyes as if he can't believe what I answered

"Okay, then what do you want Spencer? Sunny is practically crying her lungs out there and I must comfort her yet I'm here talking to the person who made her cry" I frankly said

"Investigate" he firmly replied, I knitted my brows before shaking my head

"If you're asking me to dig and look up the case. No, sorry" I was about to go when he grabbed me back

"Please..." he pleaded, eyes full of sincerity " you remember how you feel when your brother was falsely accused too?"

I harshly removed his grip, and pointed my finger to him

"Don't include my brother to this" he shook his head

"That's not my intention for talking to you Lewis... I-I'll be judge next, next week. They said all evidence and testimony are pointed to me. I can't...I don't want to be guilty of something I didn't do" he lastly looked at my eyes as he slowly walked away

"Please... I trust in you Lewis April"

"Ugh! Freaking heck" I bumped my head in the pillow before rolling and rolling...


But I guess it was a wrong move since it lead me to fall on my bed

"Ow..." the door swung open revealing my brother, Alex April, looking all confused and worried but also woke up from sleep

"What's the matter? he asked

"Ah... nothing" I get up and went to my bed when I notice Alex looking at me suspiciously

"What? I said nothing"

"Lewis... you know you can trust me always, in all things" I nodded at him, "Yeah"

He sat at the edge of my bed, before running his hand to his hair

"What's wrong?" I looked at his eyes, contemplating whether to tell him about Spencer's request

"" he looked at me, "...well, do you remember Spencer right? Spencer Carol" I asked

He was silent for a while as if thinking if he knew him before nodding, "Yeah, I think so... is he the boyfriend of one of your friend's sister?"

"Yeah he is... and just yesterday. We found out that he was the suspect for killing Sunny's sister, Vida" he widened his eyes

"But he told me yesterday that he is falsely accused that I need to investigate for him..."

I looked down, "and I feel like I want to but all the evidence and testimonies are pointing at him so I was thinking like... why would I if it's pretty clear that you are the culprit...and"

"And you don't know what to do anymore?" I just nodded since he was right

We were quiet for at least three minutes, "Lewis..."

"Do you remember when I was falsely accused too?" I nodded

I clearly remember, when doubted him at first but when I saw innocence and fear in his eyes I decided to dig into his case until found out he was not the real suspect... It was I who freed him in jail

"That day... I was scared you would really hate me. Hate me for doing something I didn't do... but when I heard that you were secretly investigating I was so moved... yet scared too. But I trusted you, that's why I'm here now"

he paused before smiling, "Let me talk to him and I will give you some advice, but your choice is what will be decided. Okay?"

"Okay" he started to get up and went to the door

"Now get some sleep... Just wait for tomorrow, I'll be the one to help you this time"

I smiled before saying thank you and went to bed

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