Royal Illusion

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"You can't be the queen. You don't deserve the throne." They said "Isn't it enough that I killed the king?" I replied. __ Eliza Meyers, a royal servant, was asked her hand by Xavier, the future king of Patricia Kingdom but fate played it's horrible game on him and brought his death knocking at his palace doors. He was murdered by the new queen. Nobody knows the killer was one of the high-bloods. Nobody knows the reason but what can it be? The Thone? Impossible. The misery of the kingdom didn't end there as another royal was found dead in the study room but it wasn't Eliza this time. What can a lonely queen do when she is blamed for something she didn't do and already a bag full of enemies? No royal is safe. Everyone has to pay the price of their sins. It's after all the museum of the mess created by the royals of the Patricia Kingdom.

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 0

Four Months Ago

The cool breeze hits my face lightly, successfully making my hair strands fall out of my messy bun as I close my eyes; I raise my head to take a look at the bright moon hanging in the dark sky with spots making it more beautiful. I smile and continue to enjoy every bit of the moment.

The breeze hugs me, calming my heart while the music of silence surrounds the royal graveyard.

I usually walk here every evening appreciating the silence of different memories walking in between every lane of the graveyard.

Nobody can take away this moment from me. It never ceases to amaze me. It's hard to believe that in this world full of unfaithful and unsatisfied humans, breeze and silence can be so gentle on us.

Unsatisfied human.

Xavier William Luis. Definition of unsatisfied and unfaithful.

He even refused to bask in the glory of his attaining the throne in this calm morning.

His father, Sir king Steven William Luis, asked him to fulfil his last royal wish today morning. The late King wanted to stop his kingdom from crumbling down in fragments.

But our future king is not happy.

Which explains that he is not satisfied with his life.

Or maybe he's stressed, being a King might be a hard task.


Whenever I hear his name anger washes over me like a strong tidal wave. I know I have no right to be angry at him.

St. Peter, I don't even deserve to have this feeling towards a Royal member just because I happen to be one of the royal servants of White Fox Patricia Kingdom palace.

I have never seen his "charmed" face as described by the other servants of the royal palace

He's an extremely unkind royal. Last night I heard voices from his room; sounds of violence one can say.

When I peeked through the hole of the door, I saw him, (his back to be exact) throwing an antique glass towards Marlstone kingdom's princess, Sylvia.

Sylvia is one of the most dangerous and insane princesses out there and she will cause trouble in our kingdom if he keeps treating her in that way.

With every millisecond that passes, I'm developing a strong hatred towards him. I brush the feeling off by shaking my cursed head with a sigh.

I start walking slowly admiring every flower on the graves to keep the Dead's memory.

I abruptly collide into a hard chest.

"St. Peter!" I mumble and raise my head to see young, bright blue watery eyes with the face of-


"Watch where you're going," The man says with an irritated expression rubbing his left eye

What in the name of the Heavens?

Remember when I said that nobody can take away the breathtaking moment? I guess I was wrong.

I do not tolerate such behaviour even though he had twinkling blue beautiful eyes and a breathtaking face and pink heavenly lips and a-

Calm Down, Eliza.

"Say that again," I challenged him.

He ignores me and walks past me leaving me gaping at his utter rudeness.

Who does he think he is? He cannot get away from me without apologizing to me, a girl of the kingdom, and also someone who's a royal servant.

"Are you sure you didn't forget anything?" I say catching his attention again.

He snaps his head towards me with a frown.

"You expect me to apologise?"

No, I expect you to bow down and beg to be forgiven while l I keep whipping your ass and finally forgive you.

I nod.

"No." He curtly says and starts walking again leaving me dumb-founded.

"Who do you think you are?"

He's getting on my nerves. Just a few seconds ago I was enjoying every moment of the silent evening and now he ruined it!

He narrows his eyes at me, "I'm Mr Rude. Who are you? Miss Dumb?" He asks with amusement visible in his eyes.

I scoff.

"I'm a royal servant," I say proudly, keeping up my head and he eyes me suspiciously from up and down.

Once, twice and thrice.

"What if I say I'm Prince Xavier?" he says, raising his eyebrows, challenging me.

My cue to eye him up and down...

Once, twice and thrice.

"So you think I never saw prince's charming face? As I said I'm a Royal servant," I say mocking his stupidity.

"I'm Prince Xavier, you nutshell," he says bored.

He cannot be. Princes of our kingdom don't wear clothes of a homeless man.

"Yes, yes, now you will say you are God himself," I retorted and narrowed my eyes on him.

"I am God," he says and smirks annoyingly.

God, can I kill him?

"Prove it, prove that you are Xavier," he looks shocked when I take the prince's name but he recovers the shocked expression soon with a smirk.

"My feature proves it all," he says referring to his face and walks away without further explanation.

Sudden realization floods me.

"Xavier-" I hit the back of my head "I mean your highness," I call and run towards him clutching my scarf in terror.

"Yes, Miss. Dumb, is there anything you would like to ruin?"


What did he mean by the delightful word "ruin"?

"Uh, ruin?" I question him smiling nervously fiddling with my fingers.

He's so confusing and annoying right now, but I need to ask him for an apology.

"Well, I believe, a girl like you calls me only if they want to ruin something of mine, so tell me, Miss. Dumb, what is it?" He asks impatiently.

Girls like me?

Ha! Yes, girls like me who take the prince's name with tasty venom.

Well, I would like to ruin your handsome face so that I don't get distracted.

"I'm extremely sorry for speaking to you in such a way a moment ago Xavier- err Your Highness," I correct myself.

It's really hard not taking his first name after listening to it being taken by Princess Emily.

"I don't care, now can I please leave before I get angry...sorry...more angry, Miss. Dumb?" he asks with an irritated look.

No, you can't and besides, you are getting annoying, not angry, I believe

"Yes, yes, you can but please forgive me," I say with a nervous smile and move from his way which I was blocking.

"Thank you very much, Mudblood," he mumbles and rolls his eyes

Did he just call me-?

"Don't call me Mudblood, Xavier. I have an amazing name, Elizabeth Myers. I serve the Royals and I don't deserve to be treated this way even if you are one of the great and most respected," I tell him with all my energy, disturbing the holy silence of the Graveyard.

Holy-Smolly I yelled at a royal member and I took his royal name, I put my hand on my cursed mouth.

"I mean Your Highness, I mean... Prince Xavier... I just I-" I stutter trying to find the right words to kick the trouble which is sure going to come in my way.

He is staring at me as if I have grown another hole in my nose. I gulp and I can't even avoid his eyes. We just stand in the middle of the graveyard staring each other intensely.

A smile slowly forms on his lips and it looks anything but kind. Is he planning my death in his mind?

"Be my Queen."

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