Gabriel Alpha Book III of the Warlock Mysteries

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Zeus Meets the Alpha

In the mansion, Zeus had already killed the dozens of shifters that came streaming into the hallway. When he helped stop the attack on Grandfather and the village, he had very little control and was only interested in slashing apart mercenaries and other shifters. Until now, he hadn’t been able to fully use his shifter abilities with his warlock mind. This time, with complete mental control of his physical skills as a shifter, he was enjoying not having to hold back.

He had disemboweled the first three shifters in the hall, all with a single swipe of his massive front claws. By the time the White Alpha entered the building, he was already calmly seated in the center of the of floor in the gym. Stacked against the walls of the gym lay the bodies of fallen shifters. The White Alpha entered the room slowly and deliberately, trying to incite fear in the master warlock. Behind her were the three giant shifters.

“Why are you so afraid of me?” Zeus asked in a gravelly voice.

“Ha! What would ever make you think I was afraid of you or anything else? I fear nothing on this planet and soon I will rule it all,” the White Alpha answered.

“You’re afraid Grace Stevens, otherwise you wouldn’t have sent waves of your lackeys before you. Even now, you sent those three by the door to this room first because you feared it was a trap. You want all your followers to believe you’re invincible and without fear, but I’m afraid they all know better than that now.

What’s the end game Grace? You’ve spent years of planning and bribing just to kill one old warlock? That’s a pretty pathetic payoff for all the lives lost here tonight,” Zeus responded.

He knew the cameras were rolling and he wanted the council and the Prime Minister to know exactly what they were up against. He was going to expose Grace Stevens once and for all.

“I’m still right on schedule and the plan is working beautifully!” Grace began. “First we kill you and your little band of misfit warlocks. Then all the remaining shifters in the Americas will join my army. With the next full moon, we’ll decimate the North and South American continents. Once the governments try to retaliate, I’ll activate all my moles buried deep within the most powerful governments. We will listen to the world destroy itself, while we sit it out in our cells. You know, the ones built like fall-out shelters,” Grace answered.

As she was talking, her three giant shifters had entered and were spreading out around the room. Each was planning on attacking Zeus from a different direction. Even as he listened to the White Alpha, he was planning his counter-attack.

“I only have one more question before I destroy you,” Zeus started “Why? Why did you kill my Isabella? She was not a threat to you.”

“Destroy me? You dare to think you can beat me! Ha!” the White Alpha screamed. “The truth is, all I needed was the formula and your data on the injections you were developing for your daughter. I knew better ways to use them than you’d ever dare try.

“Just look at my lieutenants, this is how the formula should have been used. Not to make warlocks immune to the virus, but to enhance the shifters instead. You were trying to destroy the virus when you should have embraced it! Werewolves are the dominant species and we will rule this planet soon, and then, the galaxy.

“You’re right though, I didn’t need to kill your wife Zeus, I did that for the fun of it!”

Zeus had managed to upset the White Alpha, which is what he planned, but he was going to ‘poke the wolf’ just a little bit more.

“You barely managed to defeat a young woman and her mother the last time you attacked this compound, what makes you think you can do any better now? I’m not a little girl and you’ve already lost all your errand boys. Do these three really think they are any match for me?” Zeus asked quietly.

Grace roared, and the three giant shifters moved at the same time. They converged on the center of the gym at the same time. Each one was eager to tear Zeus apart. If they had managed to get to him, they might have tried…but they didn’t. As they landed in the middle of the room, they saw Zeus leaped upward and back, performing a perfect back-somersault over their heads, something you might expect from a warlock, but not a shifter!

As he was upside down and flying over the head of the one attacking from the rear, Zeus reached out and grabbed the beast under the chin with both front claws. As he pulled, shifter’s neck was snapped instantly, and it dropped to the floor, lifeless.

This caused the other two shifters to hesitate, that hesitation costs them their lives. As Zeus landed near the back wall of the gym, he reached up on the wall and pulled out two silver-coated swords. They had been concealed in a hidden compartment. Before the two shifters knew what had happened Zeus was standing before them, still in his shifted form, but he was holding weapons. With the swords, he looked more like a massive, hair covered warlock than a shifter.

Grace reached out and thrust both of them forward, toward Zeus. As they rushed to attack him, he stepped forward and dropped to his knees. With two well-timed flicks of his wrist, the two shifters were disemboweled, their guts spilling out all along the back wall.

Zeus was pleased, finally it was just him and the White Alpha. He was convinced more than ever that the creature wasn’t nearly as invincible as she had her followers believing. She might be a match for a few shifters, but so was Zeus. In every instance, she had used her followers to do most of her work. Now, she was all alone, just her and Zeus, the master warlock in the giant shifter body.

Zeus was under no illusion as to the White Alpha’s abilities. She was fully one third bigger than he was and by the looks of her, at least that much stronger as well. But Zeus knew there was no way she as skilled as he was. He had spent more than four decades honing his fighting skills and constantly refining them. It was true that the White Alpha and even Gabriel might be quicker and stronger than the old warlock, but they didn’t have his experience.

They also didn’t have his willingness to die. He was now convinced that he had a good chance of destroying the White Alpha, and if he had to die to make sure it happened, he would gladly do so. He would avenge his wife and daughter and he would end the threat to Gabriel and Breena once and for all.

As he slowly stepped forward to meet the White Alpha, Jaida and Anthony came rushing into the room from behind the massive creature. As the American twins tried to stop, the White Alpha backhanded Anthony, sending his unconscious body flying through the air. It landed in a heap against one of the side walls. At the same time, the beast grabbed Jaida by the throat and lifted her off the ground like a rag doll.

Unfazed, Jaida drove one of her swords into the forearm holding her in the air. The sword was sticking a full four inches out the other side of the White Alpha’s arm and the creature never flinched. Steam rose from the wound as the silver tried to interact with the giant shifter’s virus, but she seemed immune to it. Using her other arm, the White Alpha backhanded Jaida and knocked her out instantly. As she held the limp body in the air by her neck, the White Alpha laughed.

“Now Zeus, drop your swords and submit to me or I’ll kill your little friend. Do it!” she demanded.

Zeus knew Jaida couldn’t hang like that for long without dying or having permanent brain damage. He had no choice, he wouldn’t lose the second woman he ever loved to the same evil creature. He dropped the two swords and deliberately turned his back on the White Alpha and bowed his head.

“There, I’m completely defenseless, just the way you like your victims, right Grace?” Zeus demanded.

The White Alpha was both elated and furious. Why did the master warlock think she couldn’t destroy him on her own? Her injections made her almost impervious to pain and she was easily much stronger than Zeus. Even if she had faced him in a fair fight, she would have surely won. The difference between them was simple, she had no intention of being in a fair fight if she could avoid it. The warlock would follow rules and protocols, but the White Alpha was free to use any means necessary to win.

She dropped Jaida on the ground and stepped forward to kill Zeus. She was watching him carefully, waiting for him to try to get to his swords or to attack her in any way. Instead, he just stood there, head bowed, waiting for the end. Perhaps the old man had finally given up. She should make it quick and painless…but she wouldn’t. Instead, she planned to rip the smaller shifter’s arms off, and hopefully tear him literally in half. Then she would pluck the arms and legs from his two allies from the U.S.

Yes, she was going to enjoy this. She stepped up quickly behind the master warlock and grabbed both of his arms just above the wrist. She jerked the smaller shifter into the air and spread his arms wide. She began to exert as much force as she could into pulling his arms out of their sockets. Zeus had a grimace on his face, but he never cried out. He wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of knowing how much it hurt.

He could feel the tendons stretching to their breaking point and he knew if he just relaxed, it would all be over. For just a fraction of a second, he considered it. Then he saw Isabella’s face and the face of his daughter Stazia, followed by Gabriel and all of them were dead. Dead because he gave in to the White Alpha.

NO! He wasn’t through yet!

As Grace was just beginning to believe she had enough strength to rip the shifter in half, she felt him begin to tense up and exert his own strength against her. How dare the old warlock think he could match her strength. Little did she understand the stakes. She wanted to rule the world and if she failed, there would always be another chance. For Zeus, this was it. He would only get one chance at his revenge and one chance to save Jaida and his grandson.

As Zeus began to squeeze with all his might, his arms were slowly pulling the bigger shifter’s arms down with them. Slowly, he forced his claws toward the floor. The White Alpha was furious, and she howled as she tried to stop the smaller shifter from overpowering her. It did her no good. Despite her best efforts, Zeus was winning. This wasn’t possible!

As he got his arms close to his side, Grace knew she had lost the battle of strength, but she was determined not to lose the war. She quickly slid her arms up and around the smaller shifter’s forearms and held him in a double arm-bar. She would pick him up from the floor and drive him over her head backwards, and into the floor, head first. If it didn’t kill him, it would surely break his neck and then she could leisurely pull off his arms and legs while he suffered.

Zeus was struggling to get just one of his fists in front of him. The harder he tried, the more the White Alpha clamped down on his arms keeping him from moving either of them even an inch. She was lowering her hips to get the leverage to hoist him up and over her back when there a movement directly in front of them. As she peered over Zeus’s head, she saw the tiny man, Oz, standing directly in front of the two of them.

She had no idea where he came from, but she would easily destroy him when she was done with Zeus. She planned to drag the master warlock’s dead and dismembered body outside and hold it up for all her shifters to see. They would spread the word that she had killed the mighty Zeus and the rest of the shifters on this continent would flock to her pack. Instead, she could hold Zeus in one hand and Oz in the other as she celebrated with her followers.

Oz had been allowed to return when the dragon appeared. He was sworn not to reveal his true form, but to investigate how and where the dragon had come from. Oz already knew the answer, but he wasn’t going to tell the Council unless he had to. The appearance of the dragon had shocked the tiny man as much as it had the Galactic Counsel and his mother.

Dragons were extremely rare throughout the universe and the Galactic Counsel had registered its presence as soon as it appeared. There were few creatures in the galaxy that gave the Council cause for worry and this was one of them. They were indestructible and could only be contained, not destroyed. They had two of them contained in another dimension, and now there was another one. All had come from Earth but many millenniums apart.

As Grace watched, the little man reached out and tapped Zeus in the chest. The small tap had enough power to drive both the shifters backward toward the wall. How could such a tiny man have so much strength? Why was her chest on fire? Why was she was finding it hard to breath? What was happening?

The silver spines imbedded in the special vest created by Dr. Connors, shot out and into the White Alpha’s chest. She might have been immune to most pain, but not to having her heart and lungs pierced with silver. The White Alpha screamed and tried to drop Zeus as she fell backward. She was trying anything to get away from the searing, burning pain in her chest.

Zeus was having none of it. He shoved hard with both feet and drove both of them into the wall behind them as hard as he could. His action drove the silver spines even deeper into the White Alpha’s chest. As the creature screamed, Zeus pulled away, but just as quickly, he thrust his body back into the creature three more times. He could tell by the amount of resistance, he was creating new holes each time.

Grace howled once more, this time she was calling her army to come to her defense. Why weren’t they coming? Where were they?

As she looked at Zeus, he turned quickly to face her and reached back with his right-hand claws and readied himself for one massive thrust into the chest of the creature. He was going to rip her heart out.

“You think you’ve won? I’ll be back again, and again, and again if need be. You can never defeat me old man,” she sputtered and choked, “I can come back as many times as I need and there’s nothing you’ll ever be able to do about it!”

Zeus drove his hand forward with as much force as he could muster. His claws drove into the softer underbelly of the massive shifter in front of him and as they entered the outer flesh, he angled it upward and into the beating heart of the White Alpha. He could feel it beating against his fingertips as he opened his hand and clutched the massive organ. With a mighty pull, Zeus ripped the heart, still beating, out of the creature. The White Alpha tried to howl one last time, but her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she was gone instantly.

Outside he could hear a screeching that sounded prehistoric. As a shifter, he knew that Grace had tried to call for help, but none had arrived. What had happened outside? He turned and looked at his old friend Oz. He had arrived just in the nick of time. He’d like to think he could have found a way to defeat the White Alpha on his own, but deep down, he knew that Oz had saved him.

“What’s going on outside? How are the young ones?” Zeus asked.

Oz just hung his head. How do you tell your friend his only living relative, his grandson, may be lost to him forever? If they couldn’t stop him the Galactic Counsel would send a force to drive the creature into another dimension. One devoid of anything else. It was not the homecoming Oz had hoped for.

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