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" am sorry sir........" " She's dead? What do you mean she's dead. You can't tell me that. I saw her yesterday night, she smiled at me. I kissed her goodbye when she said she was going out with the girls............. The girls!" He looked detective Shawn straight in his eyes with determination " You must find who killed my wife"

Mystery / Humor
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Chapter 1

" I didn't kill anybody"

" I will ask you once again Stephanie, who killed Patricia"

She had a stunned look on her face. She was surprised, or it looked like she was. She got up with a jolt " Patricia?! Patricia is dead?" A wicked smile graced her face. She let out a breath and shook her head " Wow!" And then she remembered where she was and frowned, this place stunk, it was no place for a gorgeous beauty like her. It was icy cold and her mini skirt and crop top didn't fit into this type of scenario, it was more of a night club attire, which was exactly where she was going when she was picked-up by these men. The room was dimly lit to give a creepy feel to it, making anyone who sat here to squirm in their seats. But not her, she has been through more dangerous situation than they could ever think of, especially when she hooked up with mafia lords. She shook off the memory, going back to being angry. " So that's why am here, that's why you brought me here. This is ridiculous. You keep me here because of Patricia?" She shook her head and folded her arms in front of her " all this is for Patricia. She's always so important, even when she's dead-"

" Enough!" Detective Shawn shook his head, looking at her with disdain. He has never seen such an evil being before. She doesn't even desguise her hatred for the deceased, it comes off her in waves. " This woman was your friend...."

She snorts out a laugh " friend". She tastes the word in her mouth slowly, saying it as if it was foreign and scrunching up her eyebrows" friend?" Then she backtracks, knowing that if she showed her hatred for her friend right now, they will suspect her for commiting the crime and then investigate further on her. She has to take them off her trail, she could get in jail if they found out what........

'oh no' she said to herself. The entirety of this case finally dawned on her. A cold sweat ran down her forehead and she gulped. She sat down with a thud as reality dawned on her. She just has to tone down the bitchiness, starting from now. " Yeah, she was my friend. And so, even if she was, what does it have to do with me? She's dead, she's dead" she said with a shrug

At this point Shawn was disgusted. How are men even able to stand this woman, to think of having sex with her. But she was undeniably sexy, he admitted. Those green eyes were like emeralds on her heart shaped face, her red painted lips were alluring and fit her auburn hair perfectly, and that mini skirt really did good to hear long legs and curves. If he wasn't on a case right now, he will definitely hook up with her, maybe a night or two. But on the other hand, her heart was as cold as stone and she was ready to step on anyone on her way to the top. He knew her kind. " You are cold hearted"

She laughed hysterically, gripping the table with one hand, the other clutching her side. Then she stopped and glared at the handsome detective " cold hearted? Well, I wonder why that is. Maybe if my friend didn't steal my prince charming away from me then maybe I will be living a good life by now, not having time to be' cold hearted' "

" Your jealousy is disgusting"

" And who are you to say that to me. You don't know me"

" I know enough already, just by looking at you". He stares her down " you're pathetic. Wanting what you can't have and then hating on your own friend for allegedly taking it from you. You've always wanted what she had. No wonder you killed her when you had the chance"

Stephanie was wary for a while, fear seeping through her. Do they know already. A few seconds passed before she regained her composure. She narrowed her eyes at him and said" if I killed her, believe me, you would not be able to find her corpse" and then she smirked at him , moving back to sit down comfortably

Shawn was speechless. What was he supposed to say to that. She was lethal, and she wasn't afraid to show it. But she also said she didn't do it. No doubt she was a big suspect, but there was no proof. But one thing he was sure of was that this conversation was done. God help me with these crazy women. He narrowed his eyes at her, showing her he was not scared of her threat. She held his stare. " You can leave now, but this isn't over, I assure you"

She stood up and sashayed out of the room, hearing him say" bring in the next lady". As she left that place, she thought of her good friend Patricia. Always smiling, never angry. With her kind smile and soft features. Anytime she thought of Patricia, only one memory came to her mind, from way back in college. And it made her see red.

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