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When Lynce was 13 she had finally realized her difference from others and herd voices in the silence.. Now that she's 16 she realizes those voices were her personalitys.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1


As I'm walking to my seat in class I noticed a new student. He sat next to my seat. I was normally bothered by people, but I was to tired to even fight. I sat down and took out my phone. I peered over to see how he had looked.. to see if I could.. Read him like everyone else. He had brown hair, bright blue eyes, and glasses. He looked nerdy on the outside but I could sense his danger.

He had caught me staring and asked quietly, "what are you doing?" His voice didn't sound creeper out like everyone else's..his voice was almost.. Calming... I hate it. I collected my stuff looked at a girl 1 year older than me and she moved to my seat and I sat in hers.

After Class

I gathered my stuff once again and as I got up I bumped into that guy. "HEY SH*T FACE. WATCH WERE YOUR GOING!" I yelled and the sound echoed as well were the last ones. "Sorry...." He made me feel bad. I don't like this guy. He makes me let my guard down. WHY WOULDNT HE USE HIS DANGER? WHY IS HE HOLDING BACK? Ugh... I looked at him annoyed and said, "its both of our fault.. Just- keep a reputation or you'll get eaten alive before your week is even over here....including the weekends."

He looked at me slightly scared and then went to pick up his stuff...I never really wanted to help someone..but he was different. I picked him up and pointed to a student that just walked in for his next class. I then said, "tell him to pick it up. Or I will." He shook his head 'no' and said "you do it.." I shot the other guy a look and he rushed over picking it up and then sitting in his seat for his class.

Thanks for reading. I will reply to your comments..if it causes a please, if I do not reply immedietly, dont get offended. This will have more chapters..just not now.

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