Phyco X ?

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Chapter 2


This girl was different. When she was to walk thru the halls people would tremble, some of the guys would catcall her. It aannoys me. I waanted to shoot them immediately, but the glasses got itchy and I went to take them off but they fell and before they hit the ground the girl put her foot back and cousioned them.

"Who are u and why do u make me follow u?" I asked with a steady yet calmed voice. "An answer for an answer." She said calmly though I knew it was a cover up for the anger she felt.twords the guys that had disrespected her. I took in her featchers before answering her.

Her mid length blonde hair, her bright red eyes (I could tell it was a genetic disorder), her slim body was shown perfectly with a white croped t shirt, blue shorts, red leather jacket, and black sneakers complemented her pale complexion. It was attractive...

After School

Before I could go to my dorm she pulled me twords what im guessing was her dorm. She locked the door and k sat on the couch. She made her way to the kitchen while taking off her jacket and throwing on the ground. "You thirsty? We have Mountain Dew?" She said while taking out a can for herself and opening the fridge once again looking at me.

"Sure I guess?" I was confused why I was in her dorm.. She grabbed another soda and said, "Think Fast!!" And threw it to me, I caught it. "Nice!" She stated while walking over and sitting next to me. "So. Why are u here?" I looked at her surprised that she had seemed so calm while asking the question. She turned on her phone and began to scroll through something. I replied by saying, "how do u know?" "Ways." She replied quickly.

"My father has a mafia meeting here and he's meeting with a women named Rebel Rose." She almost spit out her drink on the table and said, "THE BLOODY HELL!? THATS MY MOTHER."

To be continued..

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