The Dark Hoodie guy (mysterious)

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So, the story begins where the narrater's daughter asked about a weird man she met, and Diana narrates her own story. Ever met a mysterious guy wearing a dark hoodie, this guy, you want to know more about him, so, it happens that Diana bumped into a strange guy without even apologies to her, his behaviour is weird, and always stuck up with only wore a dark hoodie, what is the mystery of the guy, will she finds out.

Mystery / Romance
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"MOM!!!! I saw a really weird man wearing brown cloth, and he looks so scary," narrates my daughter Anna.

"Does he looks mysterious," asks me.

"Yes, a lot," replies my daughter.

"Mommy, why are you smiling," asks Anna. "Because I just remember a guy in my college life, he was soo mysterious," replies me.

"He was someone like, you want to know more about him, so mystery," says me.

"Have you ever talk to him," asks Anna.

"I did, do you want me to narrate you the story," askes me. "Yes!!! replies Anna.

"As he's mysterious, I put his name The Dark Hoodie guy," says me.

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