The Dark Hoodie guy (mysterious)

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chapter 1

"I was the same age as you, 17 years old," says me. "High school, of course," says me.


"Hi, Diana, where are you girl," asked Carla my best friend. "I'm leaving," replied me while rushing out.

Myself is Diana, I'm 17 years old, and today is the first day of my high college, can't wait to see my buddies...

So Let's go...

"Hey, Carla!!! screamed me while waving at her. "Girl, you haven't changed at all, you're still late," said Carla. "I guessed this would never change, hahaha," replied me while laughing.

"So, what did you do in your holidays," asked Carla. "What youngsters do these days, social media, take from Friendbook comes to Tangram and to Tube," replied me. "How about you," asked me. "Part-time work," replied Carla. "By sitting will never achieve something, so, we have to move," said Carla. "Yaa, correct," replied me.

"Ohh, here comes the school bus, always full, okay hop in," says Carla. "Yes, let's go in," replied me.

"Ahhh, excuse me, SEE WHERE ARE YOU GOING BOY," said me when a strange black hoodie guy bumped into me. "Soo weird, why didn't he say SORRY," said me while staring at the guy. "Diana, forget it, people are watching," said Carla.

Okay, students, you arrived at school, get down now, have a nice day everyone.

"Diana why are you so down," asked Carla. "Cuz, of this weird guy, wonder who is he," replied me.

"Me, I'm wondering, what new hot guy will get this year," replied Carla. "Ahh, seriously," smirked me.

"Diana!!! isn't that the guy who bumped into you in the bus," said Carla. "Where, yes, it's him," replied me. "But, what is him doing here, he's a newcomer" Do you think, that we shall talk to him," ask Carla.

Let's go...

"Ohh wait, some guys are going to him, let's watch, what he does, who shit, they are beating him, but why he's not fighting back"

"Carla, let's stop, them"

"Hey!!! stop it otherwise, I'll call the principal" "Boys, let's get out of here, and you, I'm not finished with you," replied the boys."Are you okay"

"Huh!!! what was that, he just ran away, I can't even see his face"


Hello students, good to see you all back and we have the honour to welcome our new students, so, present, yourself newcomers.

"Hello everyone I'm Sarah, nice to meet you all" *loud scream, be my girlfriend* "These boys nah, will never change, always find a way to woo newcomers" "She's pretty," replied Carla. "Hmmm, hello friends, myself is Jake and I love music, hope to get together along well" "Ohh, he's super dashing Diana," said Carla. "Ohh, he did eye contact with you, aww," said Carla.

So, the next student please introduce yourself...

"Ohh, it's the black hoodie guy, why he just stays idle their"

Mister, we don't have all the day to wait, so, please, introduce yourself fast...

"Will he speak up"

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