One Down and Three to Go

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A family is randomly chosen each year to die. If someone can catch the Killer the killings will stop. The problem is the Killer has people who secretly help him while the rest refuse to talk.

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One Rule that Matters Most

“So let me get this straight.” Agent Stormie said pausing to insure the Mayor was listening. “Each year this town annually kills one person while the town approves of it and that is what you want me to believe?”

“Not only do I want you to believe it, I, and the town want you to find the killer.” Said Mayor Lester James. Continuing he added, “According to the rules of play I can bring in a Hero, and it does say ‘Hero’ to find the killer. And if you don’t find the killer, then he gets to kill two more times, one of his choice and you as the third one to die. Now you understand why we need a Hero to do this. I was told you were the best. “

“You are not asking for a Hero, you are looking for a fool who will be willing to gamble with his life and the life of one other person as well. Why should I commit to such a diabolical game?”

“One million dollars paid in cash, and the knowing the killer can recruit as many of the town citizens to help him as he feels he can trust.” The Mayor said as he opened up a brief case with a contract and some up front money.

I laughed. “Who in the town will I be able to trust if he can recruit helpers. No wonder you mentioned the money first.”

“The last rule number ten says his first kill must be a young female teen or a young mother who is still a teen or a young wife still in her teens. In this town we have around twenty young teens , about twelve young teen mothers and about eight young teen wives. In five days the game begins. I need you to sign this contract so you can get started.”

“You waited till the end to play your trump card. Looks likes you win. Understand I only play by one rule. I don’t need ten like your killer. I just need this one. I will do whatever it takes and whatever is needed to win., and you have one promise to make before I sign. Promise me as Mayor this game will never be allowed to be played again.” Stormie said before she signed the contract.

“Rule number nine says if the killer himself is killed then the annual game can never be played again. I would like very much to keep that promise for you.”

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