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The Journey To Life

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Its a story about a youthful boy named Asiel aged 17,who experienced the loss of his Mother at a very young age,being the closest and the youngest one he was broke maybe the most! We may understand that the loss of a parent is inevitable, but that foreknowledge doesn’t make it any easier to accept when it happens and this story tells us how Asiel overcame all of his anxiety,he tells us about how his life transitioned completely after his mother died,The death of a parent is grief-filled and traumatic, and permanently alters children of any age, both biologically and psychologically. Nothing is ever the same again — it’s a wholly transformative event. God took his Mother away but what he got in return was totally unbelievable and magical!!

Mystery / Romance
Awais Gopang
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Chapter 1

It was a room of high ceilings occupied with 50 chairs, each on which was sitting an angel with sorrow and grief with many hopes and false thoughts which might get true but still striving to fight his fears and not concentrating on the thoughts conquering his mind. A room beside this hall where the battles were going on. And the audience wearing white coats just like the one a student wears in his chemistry lab while performing experiments, taking care of each battle,"A battle between life and death" each person defeating his own enemies and fighting his own fear of death with the hope of living and seeing his family once and back for all. Some may win and even get back to the filthy and unworthy life they used to live or even change in rare cases. But the person an angel was crying for lost his battle of fear and shifted his home from that place to an unknown one where he could never see her. Even though they loved each other but they didn't talk for the last time, and did not give a proper farewell wave because the hopes inside him were also fighting back. It was a seven-day battle getting different results each day but similar to getting defeated each time he hoped. Those days not only changed him but entirely changed the way he lived and he laughed.

Three childrens with nearly age less than 20 and a husband in late 50s waiting desperately for her to come back in their lives so they could treat her the best as she lived a life full of sorrows, pain , unfulfilled dreams which she once saw before marriage that no one could fulfill. She was a strong lady with confidence as high as mountains and very determined and loyal to her family. She fought her disease for over 17 years getting treated with medicines from different countries just to live but death was her destiny. A lady born on 21st of May 1973 living half of her age fighting not only against people in this temporary world but also against her disease which was diagnosed after her third child,a baby boy whom she loved the most. She kept the pain inside of her. She knew that she was going to leave soon but still hoped to live not for herself but for her children because she had experienced the real conflicts and greediness of thirsty souls in this filthy world. Her departure from this world to the next was not only a change for her but the people left behind were also devastated from this sorrow. But with time the pain gets less intensified, and God gives “patience” to the people still living the dream in the temporary world. Nothing changed even for the people behind except for her view as she was carried in an ambulance to her final resting place deep inside the ground far away in a small village where she spent most of her childhood. It was her last wish to be buried there beside her parents. She wished that 6 feet long and 4 feet wide hole to be her eternal resting place as she never wanted to see any of the living, even if she wanted to, she couldn't.

She was bathed with pure water and was dressed in a beautiful white dress which no one in this world will ever be pleased to look at. Even though nothing can be whiter than the dress and all the people loving white color will never wish to wear that dress even once. Except for the day when individuals will be selected and forcefully dressed in that “kafan” which they never liked in this world. That day they would have to face trial and punishment for their deeds. That day they will get to know that they were living an unworthy and baseless life. Then they will wish to tell their loved ones that they should spend and live the way they got to know but it would be late for them to do so. As they would be silenced like a stitched cloth. That lady must have gone through the same or to a extent similar to this because every person has to go through “Fitna-e-qabr” and i would not disagree to some exceptions

As Her soul was dressed in shrouds of jannah and was applied the perfume of jannah according to her deeds which Allah knows the best. And she was carried away far from this world to the next but her body was carried by her known people and scattered the plucked roses on her so she could smell the rotting roses while her body rotts. After the burial,silence broke out and the cries stopped as she was gone and nothing could bring her back. Life goes on with or without. The same day the moon came up shining brightly the same way it shined back previous years. It rained that night after the funeral. As soon as the news of her death started rotting, The people started to go to work and continued their lives as before but the void was only felt by a few.

But now they had to live and continue their life cause nothing stops by the absence of anyone, more people came into their life and made their place in their hearts which they thought would be closed forever after facing the loss and such tragic accidents happened to them. It was not just a death of one person, whenever a person goes away from this world to the next one the whole family dies that day. No matter How much they smile and laugh at silly jokes, the void inside of them will never be filled by any,their memories with her will always follow them. And remind them of her existence. The smell in her house, the clothes and jewellery of hers will always take them to the days they used to smile. The waving wind will also make them cry for her. But Allah never leaves his creation alone. Even while sitting on a bench in a park full of crowds, He will be as close to Him as his heart. He will always be with them on the darkest and lonely days. He will surely make them smile once again. Will Pursue them to follow their basic routine and will make them stronger for upcoming challenges.

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