Blind Justice

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A New Spark

It was 26 June on the house calendar, and the case of Campbell murder was the talk of the town. Particularly today was important for the case because fresh evidence had come to light which required an expert’s opinion. As a protocol, Henry was asked to go through the evidence and he was on his way to the Forensics place. He was supposed to visit a certain Dr Smith, who was new in town but was well known across the State. Though Henry knew nothing much about the doctor, his ears were familiar with the name. As he opened the gate, the Hospital smell hit his nose immediately. The hospital smell is a strange thing. It causes nausea to some, but some people were weird enough to slightly like it in a way, and Henry was one of them. While his nose was completely concentrated on the smell, his eyes saw something pleasant too. A beautiful blonde woman, in her late 20s, graced his path. With the eyes that could easily tempt anyone, she stared at Henry, who stood very still. After many days or rather months, Henry felt a peaceful bliss in the atmosphere. He pulled himself together and asked in a feeble tone- “Excuse Me, Madam, please direct me towards Dr Smith. Inform him that Henry Rutherford is here for his appointment”. Alba replied - “Mr Rutherford, for a man of your fame, you really lack communication when it comes to a woman, I guess. I am Dr Smith and you are approximately an hour late for your appointment. A piece of advice for you - never keep a lady waiting, professional or personal appointment.”. Henry was cursing himself. He had created a terrible first impression with a beautiful lady who overwhelmed him. At the same time, his mind also felt great respect for a woman, so young, to be this famous and daring in such a regressive society. He felt a magical string, pulling him towards her as he followed her blindly into the meeting room. Dr Alba Smith was a smart and confident woman. She had to be this way in her profession to overcome the obstacles she had faced all along. Although startling the young attorney with arrogant words, deep inside, Alba held only respect towards him. It was not common that a slave was being helped with such stubbornness. Unknown to Henry, she had made a special request to lead the Forensics of the case. Hiding these things in her heart and with her stern face, she glared at Henry and said - “So, let’s get to the facts. Samuel Campbell, aged 57, healthy for his age mind you, and also a colossal jerk dies of stab wounds to the chest. And an innocent slave gets blamed by society. There is no way that Robin has done it. The stab wound was deep and, given the autopsy details of the body, required a significant force by the attacker. The murder weapon is definitely a sharp object of at least 6 to 8 inches, like a dagger. Do you understand? And one look at Robin is enough to realize he doesn’t even have the strength to move his own arm. From both my experience and my personal observation, he is innocent.“. Hearing the very sarcastic lady go this meticulously professional in minutes, Henry was also pumped up. He understood the lady was a true expert and knew her way around the law as well. He too began making his observations- “ Well, what you infer is correct. That is exactly why I am fighting for him even though he has given up. I knew him from my childhood and however bad he was oppressed, he was always smiling. In fact, he once saved me from an animal attack. He wasn’t this bag of only bones back then. I do owe the man and I aspire to pay my debt. Anyway, sorry to get carried away. All these emotions and theories aside, the court asks for evidence and in this case, a really strong one. So we have to dig something out. “. Alba, impressed by the passion Henry possessed said- “ I agree but we are at a dead end. We don’t have the murder weapon or any other information from that night. Do you have something from the interrogation of Mrs Campbell?.” Leaving a sigh, Henry replied- “ Unfortunately, she has been in a terrible shock and has been of no help”. Alba, empathizing with the disappointment in that statement, replied - “ Well then, all we have is a 6’4” and 250-pound bag with us.” Suddenly, Henry exclaimed - “ Oh my god! you are a genius, Alba. Why didn’t I realize this before? The height Alba, the height”. Alba, though shocked by her first name used by a man she barely knew, said in a confusing tone - “Err. Forgive me but what exactly is your Eureka realization?”. Henry didn’t care for anything in the world at that moment and hurriedly explained- “ Listen to me carefully and tell me if I am wrong. Samuel was 6’4”. Distance between the head and heart of such a person at least 12 inches correct?. Do you know the biggest curse robin thinks he has? His dwarfism. Oh god! It will save his life now. I can prove to you that he isn’t taller than 4’5”. You say the wound was very deep and I remember in your report that he was surely killed in a standing position. That’s it! A dwarf and such a feeble slave can never kill a man of Samuel’s physique. It’s humanly impossible. Am I right?”. The sparkle in Henry’s eyes was too mesmerizing for Alba- for she clearly understood that it was not because he had solved something but clearly owing to the fact that this could save a life. Alba, blown away by the young attorney’s chivalry, said - “ Marvellous! With my testament at the court and this hardcore evidence, Robin is definitely out of danger. You should apply for a detective’s job too in my expert opinion”. The smile in Alba’s face when saying the last part of her words were enough to motivate Henry. He picked up his things and on his way out, turned back and said, this time in his boldest voice- “ Alba, I surely owe you a dinner. Given the next 3 days are holidays, how about tomorrow evening you grace my humble abode with your presence?”. Alba, as though waiting for this question, said immediately- “ Well Henry. Now that you have decided that we are on a first-name basis, It’s fine by me. But mind you, no talk on anything related to the 250 pounds pile of mystery in there. Henry acknowledged with a gesture through this hat and couldn’t stop rolling his moustache as he went to board his wagon. He couldn’t wait to tell Arthur all about this day. Certainly one of his best days.

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