The Haunting of River Manor

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Chapter 12

She woke up shaking, sweat dripping down her forehead. Ashley hoped that it was a dream and not a memory, it made absolutely no sense. The night had come but James was not in bed. She got up went in the bathroom to freshen up. She put on a silk gown and went downstairs. James wasn’t in the house. There were no other sounds but her footsteps on the ground. Ashley decided to look out the bad window. She then saw a cabin. Why was there a cabin in back of a manor? She wondered. She went in the living area and took a blanket. The newlywed opened the back door quietly and started walking towards the cabin. It was new; she could notice that it was just built because it still smelt like freshly cut wood. She put her hand on the handle and turned it. The door opened quietly and she entered closing the door behind her. There was no light in the cabin, but the moonlight reflected a few things. The cabin looked like the cabin in her dream, other then the fact that there wasn’t a mansion in the back of it she could have sworn it was the same one or maybe a replica. She sat on the bed and to her surprise there was a small lamp. She clicked it open and saw what was in the room. Pictures. There were pictures all over the walls, of her. Her and James, kissing, talking and even the first time they made love. Who had taken these pictures? Beginning to become mad for not being able to remember the past she decided to close the light and lay down. It disgusted her seeing those pictures. Her head started throbbing again so she laid there thinking, and soon after she fell asleep.

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