The Haunting of River Manor

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Chapter 13

Ashley took her water bottle and newspaper and walked to her garage. When she opened the door she saw James walking out of the garage.

“Hey!” she called out to him but he didn’t stop.

She took the car and started driving. A few days back James had passed away, so she decided that soothing music and a car ride would be nice. She looked in her purse for a something and took out a picture. It was a picture of her and James in front of their cabin. She looked at it and smiled placing it back in her purse. A curve was coming up and she let loose of the pedal to go slower, but the car stayed at the same speed. She pressed on the break but it didn’t work. She put on her fore lights and honked the horn desperately that someone might hear or see her. But nobody did. She swerved at the cliff but didn’t do a whole turn. She felt the car flying and noticed that she had gone off the cliff. The car hit into some trees and turned on its back. She knew she was going to die, or risk of never being found and dying of hunger. She held on to her purse, strongly.

“I guess I’m going to see you sooner then I thought.” She said to James.

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