The Haunting of River Manor

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Chapter 2

The Lavaliere’s drove up a long road to get to the Manor. Ashley watched outside wondering if she had ever come to the manor before. She had gotten in an accident a few years back which had led her to forget about her whole past. Sometimes memories would come back to her in her dreams but not many. James had been by her side from the very start. He would show her pictures of them together, told her about her past, who she knew, where she had went in her life and about their love life. They had their difficulties but always made it work. Ashley was thankful for having such a loving companion. Threw thick and thin she knew she could count on James. James turned and looked at his wife. They watched each other and smiled. James put his right arm around her shoulders and pulled her in.

“I love you.” He told her, sincerely.

She put her head on his shoulder and smiled as they pulled up to the mansion. He stopped the car and they got out. James took their briefcases’ and started to talk to their honeymoon suite. James walked into the manor and went to the bedroom to bring their luggage. Ashley looked at the beauty of the water around the palace, she felt like a princess with her long white dress, it felt like she had wanted to come this particular manor for all her life. Maybe she did, she couldn’t remember. She looked at the manor another time and walked inside. The manor was like a dream, it was like being in a Jane Austin movie. She walked up the staircase and called out her husband’s name. He didn’t answer. She called out again when someone came from behind and held her. She screamed and turned around to see James smiling at her. She started to laugh and kissed him.

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