The Haunting of River Manor

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Chapter 3

Ashley was walking down a dirt road in a forest. It was night outside but she knew where she was going. She felt younger, she had walked threw those woods before as if she had gotten shorter or the trees around her had gotten taller. The girl walked further until a cabin. She saw a little light flickering at the door. James, he was there. She walked silently and looked in the window. James was sitting on a bed reading. She felt as if she was late, very late but was so glad he was waiting. She opened the door and he jumped off the bed.

“Ashley.” He exclaimed.

“I’m sorry I’m late.” She said to him softly.

He walked to her and held her to him.

“I was worried.” James confessed.

She looked in his eyes and kissed him. A noise came from outside. They stopped kissing and held each other.

“No one followed me.” She told James.

“Shhh… it might be Chris. Sit on the bed, I’ll close the light, let’s stay quiet for a while.” He whispered in her ear.

Ashley went and sat on the bed watching James closing the light and locking the door. They held each other and fell asleep.

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