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Demi & Dixie

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Two sisters head out to camp. One by one each of their friends starts to die. Will they make it out alive?

Mystery / Thriller
Dena Louisa
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Chapter 1

Demi and Dixie could see the yellow camp bus turning the corner. Dixie, the blonde one, quickly took her pink suitcase and stood up. She then started to wave at the bus driver to stop. The bus stopped in front of them and the doors opened.

“Hi, I’m Dixie.” Dixie said smiling to the young, twenty something, bus driver.

“Hello, is that all your luggage?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Alright you can bring them inside.”

Demi took her red school bag and pulled it over her shoulder. She went inside the bus without even looking at the handsome young man. Dixie was sitting in the front seat on the left; Demi sat beside her and pushed her backpack under the seat, where it barely fit. The bus was empty, like usual. Every time they went to camp they were always the first ones in. Demi put on her iPod and listened to Rock & Roll songs, the whole trip while Dixie took a pillow out of her suitcase and slept half the trip. The other half, she read a Harlequin romance novel, she adored them. Demi and Dixie were like any other twins you would meet; they tried to be as different from one another as much as they could and they did it well. Although they looked identical their personalities were total opposites. Demi was the one that was careless of everything; she loved to party, drink booze, get piercings anywhere she could and didn’t talk much. Dixie also liked to party, but her parties didn’t involve people vomiting everywhere while a Metal band played on stage. She always cared about what others thought of her, she liked to dress nice, listen to the music that was “in” at the moment and was always very talkative. Although, they were total opposites, they never fought and when they did, a moment later, it was forgotten. The bus arrived at the camp, four hours later. The camp monitors were outside each cabin with papers in their hands, smiling. The teenagers all started to speak loudly and pushing each other, when the bus doors opened. The young man got out and opened the luggage area. The teenagers stayed close to him, trying to see if the luggage he put on the ground was theirs. When everyone had their luggage, the driver entered the bus and went to park. Demi looked at Dixie with a look that meant “I hope we aren’t stuck with the gang of blondes this week!” Dixie laughed and walked to the first monitor she saw. The lady had short curly black hair, when she saw them walking towards her, she smiled.

“Hello. You must be Demi and Dixie, right?” she asked them.

“Yes. Is this our cabin?” Dixie asked the young woman.

“No, you are both with Bryan Lots; he was your bus driver.” She said.

“Were with a guy?” Demi asked.

“Yes, we like doing things a little more different then usual camps. Spice it up a little.” She answered.

“I think I’m actually going to have some fun this week.” Dixie said to the short haired lady laughing.

“Yeah, which one is our cabin?” Demi asked the woman.

“Cabin 6, we’ll see each other again at diner. Have fun girls.” She told the twins.

“Thanks.” Dixie said.

They walked to their cabin and opened the door. There were two guys talking, one was on the top bunk beside the bathroom and the other on the bottom one. Demi threw her bag on the top of the first bunk she saw and laid down listening to her music. The guys turned to see who had come in. The guy in the bottom bunk got up and walked towards Dixie who was placing her blanket over her mattress.

“Hey!” He said watching Dixie.

“Hi, I’m Dixie.” She said turning to see a good looking young guy standing close to her.

“I’m Matt and over there’s Leo. Why don’t you come join us over there? It might get lonely over here, were only 5 in the cabin including our supervisor.”

“We always sleep beside the door, that way we can leave and do what we want when we want.”


“Yeah, me and my sis. She’s on the top bunk.”

“Alright then, we can always move closer to you girls. One for each of us.” He said laughing.

Demi was still listening to her music; while Dixie had gone to Matt’s bunk to talk with Leo, the door of the cabin opened and the bus driver came in. Demi got up and went to the bathroom as Dixie approached the counsellor.

“Hey, you’re our supervisor?”

“Yeah, it’s Bryan by the way.”

“Hi Bryan. So why do they put boys and girls together in cabins, they don’t think we might do something?”

“We like being different and anyways either you’re in the same cabin or not, if you want to do something, you’ll do it.”

“That’s true.” She said smiling at him.

He unpacked his things and sat on his bunk.

“Okay, everyone come sit on the bunk in front of me.” He ordered the teenagers.

Matt, Leo and Dixie went to sit in front of him. They looked at the toilet waiting for Demi. The door opened and she came out and when she saw everyone watching her she gave them a “what are you looking at?” look. Bryan smiled to her and motioned her to go sit.

“Okay, so my name is Bryan and I’m going to be your supervisor for the rest of the week. Were going to have a game every night and I really hope we win the price. Tonight’s game is going to be about remembering everyone’s names, try your best to remember every person you meet. It’s a challenge but I’m getting pretty good at it. Were about fifteen people so it’s going to be fun and by the way it’s time for diner so let’s go eat.” He told them.

They all got up and followed Bryan until the dinning area. They were the last to arrive, the cook’s had made hamburger’s, corn and potatoes and everyone got a candy apple for desert. The lady with the curly black hair walked up to a small stage and opened the microphone.

“Hello everybody, I’m Alyssa Blare. Did you all have a good meal?”

“Yeah!” everyone screamed.

“A’right! Now you’ll all follow me to the campfire for a game.”

She walked to the door and everyone followed talking loudly, some were laughing and others we just screaming because they wanted to act childish, it was camp after all. Dixie was talking with a Chinese girl named Betty and walked outside not noticing her sister was still sitting. Demi sat and continued to eat her apple. Bryan went to take a few candy apples and put them in a bag as Demi walked up behind him.

“Stealing apples?” She asked him.

“Hey… no… well yeah, it was for you guys, I wanted to treat our cabin to some before going to sleep.” He told Demi really looking at her for the first time.

“Do I have to play your game?”

“My game? Oh, you mean the game we’re all going to play at the campfire? Sure, unless you’re sick or something and in your case you’re not.”

“Okay, lead the way.”

They walked to the cabin to put the apples and went to the campfire to join the others. Demi sat on a tree trunk and waited for her turn. The woman spoke to a girl with long red hair.

“Tell everyone your name.” Alyssa Blare asked the girl.


“Now from Amy, clockwise everyone will say their name, a’right!”



And the teenagers all said their names. When they were done Alyssa looked at everyone trying to pick who she thought should start the game.

“A’right, Bradley can you remember the names of the others?”

“I don’t know, there’s Amy, you…. Alyssa, Betty, John, I don’t remember the others…” he confessed.

“That’s a’right. Who wants to try next?”

“I can.” Demi said to her as if challenging Alyssa.

“Go on.”

“Alyssa, Amy, Bradley, Katherine, Joey, Betty, John, Kim, Tim, Heidi, Leo, Matt, Bryan, Dixie and me Demi.” She said looking at Alyssa.

“Very good, that’s absolutely everyone. You’ve got quite a memory there, your team is lucky to have you Demi.”

“Now can I leave?”

“Sure, you can.”

Demi got up and everyone looked at her leave to her cabin. She got in the cabin and opened the light. The brunette pulled her bag off from her bunk and pulled out a pair of sweatpants and a top. She put them on, took out a pack of smokes from the front pocket and pushed her bag under her sister’s bunk. She lied down, took a few puffs and closed her eyes.

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