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Demi & Dixie

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Chapter 2

Heidi, a rich socialite, woke up earlier then everyone, like always. She liked to get ready so that she would look polished when everyone else woke up. When she was done, she went outside to meet Bradley and Kim. Bradley and Kim had camped in the woods the night before and had asked Heidi to wake them up at five am so that they might see the sunrise and get back to camp before anybody knew they were gone. The rich girl looked around for a while and found them. The tent was closed so she unzipped it and poked her head in to see if they were sleeping, but no one was there.

“Hey, Guys? Where are you?” she screamed repeatedly while she walked in the woods.

She got to the side of the water and saw Kim and Bradley holding each other, sleeping. Their heads were facing each other with Kim hair was over Bradley’s face. Heidi walked to wards them.

“Wake up guys, the sun’s coming up.”

She looked at them, seeing they didn’t move, Heidi went and pulled Bradley’s arm to wake him up. He turned and fell back to the ground. Heidi screamed. The skin on Bradley’s face was pulled off, the blood dripped on the side of his head. Heidi noticed Kim wasn’t hurt anywhere, she was maybe asleep. She walked beside and tried to pull Kim by the stomach to move her but as she pulled stronger, she heard a thud. Kim’s head had fallen off. Heidi started to scream again, screaming for help. A dark shadow passed behind her, she looked behind and screamed for help again.

“Hey, what’s happening over here?” the killer screamed in the woods.

“Over here, beside the water, quick!” Heidi screamed.

A person in a long black coat walked towards her.

“Hey, Bradley and Kim are…”

“I know.”

An axe flew threw the bushed and into Heidi’s head as she spoke. The killer walked towards her, pulled all the bodies into the tent and zipped it closed.

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