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Demi & Dixie

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Chapter 3

It was breakfast time. Demi and Dixie were eating the same food, blueberry pancakes with sliced banana and maple syrup. Demi sat by a table alone eating peacefully while Dixie spoke with Leo, Matt and her new friend Betty. The monitor’s sat at the same table, chattering about the three campers that had disappeared while the other campers ate their breakfasts silently.

“Okay everybody. We well be waiting outside, when you’re all finished with your breakfasts then come join us.” Alyssa told everybody.

The monitors all got up and walked outside. Demi finished her food and took an apple to munch on while they searched for the others. The campers looked at Demi leave the cafeteria and all decided to leave with her. All the campers were outside waiting for directions.

“You will all be in groups of three’s. Amy you will be with Joey and me. Dixie you will be with Leo and Betty. Katherine you will be with John and Matt. And Bryan you will be with Demi and Tim. Now my group will start by the back of the cabins. The other groups decide for yourselves. Let’s go.”

“Where do you guys want to start by?” Dixie asked her friends.

They spoke and agreed on going in the forest on the left side of the camp, so they went off into the woods and Katherine, John and Matt walked to the right side of the cabins.

“I guess we go by the front.” Bryan said to Demi and Tim.

They all walked for four hours without finding any clue of where the three campers were. No tents, no clothes, no fire, nothing as if they were never there. They continued searching for the whole day until the evening, they had all brought sandwiches for lunch with a few fruits and juice boxes and all had flashlights with them. Everyone was back at camp by six everyone except for Katherine and John. Katherine had stayed behind to find her sister, Heidi, and John didn’t want to leave her alone in the woods. The other campers and monitors sat around the campfire silently, listening to the noise of the wild life. Katherine and John walked until nine in the evening and then started to walk back to the camp. Katherine arrived with tears in her eyes as John held her. Alyssa saw her walking towards them, she took a pale full of water and closed the fire. Everyone moved to their cabins silently and all went to bed.

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