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Chapter two: Dorothy’s new friend

Andrew woke up and went downstairs to find his wife making strawberry pancakes and coffee. He held her from behind and kissed her neck.
“Smells delicious.” He said.
“Can you wake up Dorothy for me please?”
Andrew walked upstairs and opened his daughter’s door. When he opened the door, he looked around and couldn’t mind Dorothy. Dorothy laughed and her father heard her laugh coming from the closet. He opened the door and saw his daughter sitting on the closet floor holding her teddy bear.
“Dorothy. Why are you in the closet?”
“Calvin wanted to show me something.”
“Who’s Calvin, honey?”
“My new friend. He lives here too.”
“Nobody lives here Dorothy but us. Me you and your mom.”
“But Calvin said he lives here too.”
“Come downstairs your mother cooked you pancakes.”
“O.K. daddy.”
He held his daughter by the hand as they walked out her room. Andrew looked behind when felt something watching him and looked around before leaving the room feeling uneasy. They all sat and ate the delicious breakfast Hannah had made.
“Can I bring some for Calvin? He’s hungry.” Dorothy asked getting up from her chair to go take more pancakes.
“Who’s Calvin?” Hannah asked puzzled.
“Sure honey, bring it upstairs.” Andrew said acting as if all was good.
Dorothy put two pancakes in her plate and ran upstairs to her bedroom.
“Who’s Calvin?” Hannah asked her husband, again.
“She says he lives in this house too. You remember what the doctor said about the move? She might make up things?”
“You mean, she has an imaginary friend?”
“Yeah. She’ll get over it.”
“I hope so, I don’t want her starting school and people make her feel unwanted because of her imagination.”
“That won’t happy. Don’t you worry.”
Hannah smiled to him and took their plates.
“I think I might go around and…” Hannah started to tell her husband when the doorbell rang. “It must be neighbours. I’ll get it.”
Hannah walked quickly to the door and opened it. A lady with curly black hair and a bald man stood at her doorstep.
“Hello.” Hannah said smiling.
“Hello. I’m Margie and this is Donald, my husband. We just wanted to welcome you to the lane.” The lady said.
“How nice of you. You’re actually the first people to come welcome us.”
“Is that so? Well with all that’s happened in this house I…”
“What happened in this house?”
“You don’t know?”
“No… I would like to know.”
“May we come in? It’s getting a little cold out here.” Donald asked knowing the conversation was going to take a while.
“Sure.” Hannah said signalling them to sit. “So… what about the house?”
“Well… last year a couple bought the house. They moved in, all was good, but soon after neighbours couldn’t leave their pets out doors or they would find them dead the next day. All types of animals were being killed, so the community thought it might be good to go investigate the family. We didn’t find anything out of the ordinary only that the lady had cancer the year before and that’s why they had moved in a new home. Then one day, Annabel Price found something. She went directly to the house without telling anybody what she had found. The night came and nobody had heard of Anna, so her boyfriend went to find him at the Hall’s residence and found blood everywhere. The bodies were never found but the blood of all the family was shed including Anna’s. Nobody speaks about it anymore, the less we talk about it the less it seems real I guess.”
“We thought you knew.” The man said to Hannah.
“Did they have kids?”
“Yes, two actually.” The lady answered.
“What where their names?”
“Timothy and … what’s his name… the little one?” Margie asked her husband.
“Calvin.” He answered.

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