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Chapter 3: It wasn’t me, it was Calvin.

Andrew woke up earlier that morning to mow the lawn. Hannah woke up a short time later and woke her daughter too. She fixed her daughter cereal and brought a coffee to her husband. She knew it would take him some time; the lawn hadn’t been mowed for at least a year and Hannah could see that. Andrew’s wife started placing movies and books in their place and searched in boxes to find their china. Dorothy had gone to play in the tree house. She had brought a pillow with a cover her mother had given her that weren’t used anymore and had brought a small chair to sit to watch out the window and she didn’t forget her coloring books, she had to have them.

“Mommy. Mommy” Dorothy screamed.
When her mother ran outside, Dorothy was holding a rock with blood on it. Hannah ran to her daughter scared.
“Are you alright?”
“Yes mommy.”
“Where did the blood come from?”
“Bombay ’s hurt mommy.”
“Who’s Bombay?”
“The neighbour’s dog.”
“Where is he? Can you show me?”
Hannah took the rock and threw it in the dirty pool. Dorothy pulled her mom towards the end of the yard and pointed to the bushes.
“Oh my god. Honey, go inside, now!”
Hannah’s eyes started to water, Bombay had been dead of severe trauma to the head. She put her hand over her mouth and went back inside crying.
“Is he O.K. mommy?”
“Honey, how did you see how he got hurt?” Hannah mumbled.
“Calvin did it.”
“Honey, Calvin doesn’t exist.”
“Yes he does.”
“No Dorothy he doesn’t. Did you hurt the dog?”
“NO. Calvin did it.”
“Dorothy I’m…”
“What’s going on, I heard screaming.” Andrew said running to them. “Hannah what’s wrong?”
“Calvin did it!” Dorothy screamed to her mother and ran to her bedroom.
“What’s going on here?”
“She killed a dog. She hit it over the head with a rock and killed it. What’s wrong with our daughter Andrew, something is wrong.” She said starting to cry again.
“It’s ganna be O.K. don’t you worry, we’ll get her some help.” He said holding his wife trying to make her feel better.

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