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Chapter 4: I’m sorry, haven’t seen him.

It was a rainy day; the family was sitting at the table eating their breakfast’s when the bell rang. Andrew got up and went to the door. He opened the door and saw a blonde teenager with green eyes looking at him.
“Good morning.” She said. “I’m Julia. One of your neighbours.”
“Good morning Julia. I’m Andrew.”
“Andrew. Nice name…. I just wanted to ask if you saw my dog. He’s big, fluffy and black with a white dog collar; he kinda has a thing of snooping around in everyone’s backyards.
“Haven’t seen him. The backyard is not really cleaned up yet, we just moved in I’m actually going to start cleaning that up today.”
“O.K. then, hey if you need any help with the backyard I’m in the house with the red door.” Julia said with a smile.
“I’ll think about that. Hope you find your dog.”
“Thanks. See ya.”
Andrew looked at her walking to the next house.
“Who was it?” Hannah said coming up behind him.
“A girl trying to find her dog.” He said closing the door quickly.
“Shit. We’re going to have to bury it.”
“We’re going to bury it and then were going to talk about this.”
Dorothy spent the evening in her room coloring. Hannah and Andrew sat on the couch to talk about what was going on.
“And she said it was Calvin?” He asked her wife.
“Yes, and the other day some neighbours came to welcome us here and said the people who lived here were murdered and one of their son’s names was Calvin.”
“Is Calvin still alive?”
“No, he was murdered with the rest of the family, in the house.”
“So, you think she might be seeing the ghost of this kid Calvin?”
“I don’t know. She couldn’t have known.”
“Do you want me to get a psychologist to come over?”
“Yes, maybe she can talk to her and tell us what we can do to help. She killed a poor dog and you know how I feel about animal cruelty.”
“I know. I’m ganna make a few phone calls to my old friends maybe they know someone around here.”
“Thanks. I think I’m going to rest a little my head is hurting.”
“I’m going to go get some food for diner, what would you like?”
“Chinese would be great.”
“We can order that.”
“Then I’m going to start working on the backyard until it gets dark.”

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