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Chapter 5: Help me.

Early the next morning Mathieu Gilbert, a psychologist, arrived at the young family’s home and rang the bell three times. Andrew got up from the couch, closed the television and walked to the door. It was ten in the morning, Hannah had stayed in bed she had gotten sick through the night and woke up with a fever. Dorothy had gone to eat breakfast in her tree house and had stayed there since nine am. Andrew opened the door and let the man come inside.
“Good morning. I’m Mathieu Gilbert.”
“Hey. I was waiting for you. She’s in the tree house. I’ll go get her.”
“Is it O.K. if I join her in the tree house?”
“Sure. I’ll wait inside.”
“Sometimes it is better when the child is in a room or a place where they feel protected. They open up more easily.”
“Alright, you’re the doctor. Just walk through the kitchen to the left.”
“Thank you.”
Andrew watched Mathieu walk to the kitchen and to the left. He heard the patio door close and then went to the basement. Andrew had been working on making a crib. His brother’s wife had just gotten pregnant and he always had the hands for working. Andrew had drawn the skeleton and had just started to make it. Outside, Andrew walked to the bottom of the tree and looked up.
A head popped out of the small window and looked at him.
“I’m a friend of your father’s; would it be O.K. if I join you?”
The psychologist climbed up the latter and entered in the tree house. Dorothy had put a pillow on the ground for him to sit.
“Do you know why I’m here?”
“Your father told you?”
“No. Calvin told me.”
“Calvin? Who’s Calvin?”
“The boy that lives in my house. He says he knows you.”
“What does he know about me?”
“He said that you’re a psychologist and you tried to help his father with his depression but you had loved his mommy and that you killed her because she didn’t love you back.”
“Calvin told you this?”
“I didn’t kill his mother Dorothy.”
“Yes you did. Calvin doesn’t lie to me he’s my friend.”
“Where do you see Calvin?”
“Where did you first meet him?”
“In my closet.”
“Why was he in your closet?”
“He was afraid. He didn’t know who we were.”
“You said he lives in your house? Where does he sleep?”
“In the walls.”
“Have you ever seen his room?”
“I don’t want to talk anymore.”
“Alright Dorothy. Can you just show me your closet?”
“I don’t want to. You’re going to hurt him, like you hurt his mommy.”
“I won’t hurt anybody.”
“Yes you will. Get out!”
“O.K. Good bye Dorothy. Be careful, he’s not a good boy.”
He looked at Dorothy and left the tree house. He walked inside and noticed Andrew wasn’t around. He walked up the stairs and went to look for Dorothy’s bedroom. He opened the first door and saw a little girls bed, he knew it was Dorothy’s room. When he walked in he looked around and saw the closet in the corner. He walked to it and opened it. There were girls’ clothes, nothing else. Maybe Calvin was not there after all. He had to talk to the family and tell them the true story of what happened to the Hall family. He turned around to see Dorothy standing in front of him.
“It’s my room!”
“I’m sorry Dorothy. I wanted to see Calvin. To say I’m sorry and…”
Dorothy pushed him in the closet and shut the door quick. She heard a small scream and listened to Calvin move through the walls. She opened the door again and walked inside the closet, shutting the door behind her. She wanted to see Calvin’s house. Where he lived and how he lived. Dorothy walked through the bottom of her wall; the corner could be pulled up. She looked around and turned left, she knew Calvin had gone to the right and he didn’t want her in his house. The closet was the only place where they could meet. She walked slowing, touching the walls to know where she was going. She arrived to a bedroom. This is where he steeped. It was tiny. She felt herself being watched, when she turned she saw Calvin staring at her.
“I told you not to come here.”
“I’m sorry. I wanted to see you.”
“It’s O.K. I have to tell you something.”
“Sit down.” He said motioning her to sit on his bed as he stayed standing. “I’m going to have to leave.”
“I’m starting to grow. Soon I won’t be able to fit anywhere. If it get taller I won’t be able to move around the house.”
“I don’t want you to leave. You’re my friend.”
“I have too. We’ll meet again. You have to help me leave.”
“I’ll help anyway I can Calvin.”
“You have to get rid of the psychologist for me.”
“I thought I did.”
“No. You have to get him out of the house without you’re parents seeing him.”
Calvin took Dorothy’s hand and brought her to another room. When she entered she saw the man on the ground.
“Is he sleeping?”
“Not quite. He can talk.”
“Dorothy. Get me out of here.” The man said. “Help me.”
“She won’t help you. Shut up!”
“Please Dorothy… Don’t…”
“Dorothy I’m going to give you a bag tonight. You have to promise you will throw it out quickly. O.K?”
“O.K.” Dorothy said looking at Mathieu on the floor.
Calvin brought back Dorothy to the closet and they hugged goodbye.

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