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Chapter 6: Goodbye my friend.

Hannah and Andrew woke up to the sound of crying. She ran to her daughter’s room and saw her daughter crying on her bed.
“What’s wrong honey?”
“Calvin is gone.”
“Where did he go?”
“I don’t know.”
Hannah looked at the time and saw that she had slept the whole day threw.
“Calvin told me he was going to leave something for me.”
“He didn’t leave it for you?”
“Yes. It’s in the closet. But he said I have to throw it out.”
“Can I see?”
Hannah opened the closet door and saw a bag on the ground. She pulled it up and brought it to the bed. She heard footsteps; she turned and saw her husband come in the room.
“Why is Mathieu’s bag still here?” Andrew said surprised.
“Who’s Mathieu?” Hannah asked.
“The psychologist I had phoned. He came this morning. I’ll have to call him.”
“No!” Dorothy screamed.
“What’s wrong Dorothy?” He asked.
“Calvin told me to throw it out!”
“Do you think it’s O.K. if we just look at what’s inside Dorothy? Maybe the gift is inside and he only meant to throw out the bag.” Her mom told her.
“O.K. mommy.”
“Alright.” Hannah answered.
Hannah and Andrew went to their kitchen and unzipped Mathieu’s bag.
“We shouldn’t really be looking through the man’s things.” Andrew said.
“Maybe he wrote stuff while he was talking with Dorothy this morning.”
“True. Let’s check it out.”
Andrew held up an envelope written Hall’s case on the front. He opened it and looked inside. He started to read and looked at his wife worried.
“What’s wrong?”
“I think you better read this.”
“Alright.” Hannah took the papers and started to read. The papers were combined with newspaper articles about the Hall murders and the suspects. The newspapers were missing a very big part of the story, they knew who the killer was but never wrote it. In the papers they said the whole family had died but in the case file it said that one of the bodies was never found, Calvin’s. The paper said that it was a murderer and that it was a large male, mid 30’s but the case had proven that nobody else had been in the house expect for the family and the neighbour who had been also killed. They had never found Calvin’s body and had never told the press that Calvin might still be alive. They believed that the boy was a psychopath who had been killing most of the animals on the lane, they couldn’t prove it so they had let it go. There was also a diary that had been copied of the session’s Mathieu Gilbert had with Calvin Hall and also his father’s depression papers. She read the session and put the papers down on the table.
“Calvin’s alive.” Hannah said to her husband, shaking.
They ran upstairs to their daughter’s bedroom and saw Dorothy sitting on her bed.
“Where is he?” Hannah asked her daughter.
“He said he was leaving.”
“Where did he live Dorothy?” Her father asked her.
“In the walls.”
“Were going to leave, O.K. Dorothy. Is that O.K?” Hannah asked her daughter.
“Daddy what’s wrong?”
“It’s all going to be fine honey. We just have to go back home.” He explained.
“Is Calvin alright?”
“He’s fine. He’s gone.” Hannah answered.
“Were going to go back home and everything will be back to normal.”
They started to pack some food for the trip, their clothes and the crib. They left quickly without looking back.
“Thank god the house isn’t rented yet.” Hannah said looking at the houses pass by.
“We can start fresh, back where we were. We’re going to be happy just like before.” Andrew said trying to reassure his wife.
“Daddy, can you make me a tree house?”
“Sure, honey. Anything you like.”
“Yey!” Dorothy said joyfully holding on her teddy bear, looking outside.
All was going to be back to normal soon, they could feel it. What they couldn’t feel was the unwanted passenger in their trunk, Calvin.

The End.

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