Escaping Mr. Grayson

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Chapter Five

It's a Friday Afternoon and I have my first class since I last saw Mr. Grayson. Well, since I last saw him in real life anyway. These past few days it seems my dreams only consist of his muscular upper body and his long brown mane that my fingers simply can't resist being entangled in. His cold, strong hands and his—

"Nailea, You're here", I'm snapped out of thought when Kayden sits down next to me with a wide grin on his face

"Yes, of course I'm here. Why wouldn't I be?"

"I thought you had been avoiding me...since I made you uncomfortable the other morning after I picked you up"

Oh, the poor thing thinks that I was avoiding him. I adore Kayden but sometimes he can be a little bit...slow.

"I haven't been avoiding you Kayden", I assure him

"Well why haven't you been answering my calls?"

"Oh, my phone has been off . It's my birthday week and my mother is rather consistent with her communication during this time", I sigh, "I've been avoiding my mother's calls not yours"

"Oh", he says, looking slightly disappointed for some reason

Only a moment passes by and Mr. Grayson walks in the room. He's dressed neatly in his usual white dress shirt and blazer. His attire is always the same yet it never seems to get any less attractive. Not even in the slightest. He offers me a warm smile before standing in front of the class and carrying out his lesson. If I tell you that I'm able to focus on the work while he caresses each word that leaves his mouth so perfectly...well, I'd be bloody lying.

I squeeze my thighs together beneath the table and chew on my lower lip. Oh, Mr. Grayson, what are you doing to me? And how? The truth is, I'm incredibly attracted to this man and at this point, what Daisy said earlier doesn't sound so....impossible anymore. Maybe I should offer Mr. Grayson my indecent proposal? It wouldn't be like I'm his mistress. I'm his student assistant, if anything I'd be assisting his needs while his wife isn't around to do so. Right?

After the lecture, I walk up to Mr. Grayson confidently. Ready to give him my proposal.

"Miss Tembo." He looks pleased to see me

"Good Afternoon Mr. Grayson"

"I'm glad to see you back in class", he smiles, "I hope we can work well with each other now"

"I'd love nothing more", I smile

"Well, I better leave before I lose my control"

"What do you mean?"

"It's not easy for a man to be around something that he wants but can't have", he says to me in a low husky tone before lowering his lip to take in a sharp breath.

His sentence makes me gulp. You can have me any way you like, I imagine myself saying, take me right now Mr. Grayson! Right here, right now. I don't care for consequences I just want to be bloody yours!

Instead, I smile and nod, leaving the classroom and walking back to my dorm room.

By the time Sunday rolls in, Daisy has fully persuaded me into going out with her for my birthday. Which, I find rather silly because my birthday is on Monday anyway, but, nonetheless, I'm determined to have a good time. I think I've quite earned it. In a few minutes, Chase and Asher are knocking on our door, here to pick us up. I watch closely as Daisy excitedly runs to open the door and kisses both boys passionately, one after the other.

"C'mon birthday girl! This is gonna be such a great night", Daisy smiles, "I can feel it"

The bar is loud and sticky when we arrive. I'm already regretful of my decision to be here. Asher brings all of us drinks and though I'm hesitant, I am technically 21 in less than 3 hours. What's one drink? We spend our time laughing and drinking and dancing. Kayden joins us as well after about an hour, bringing a case of beers for him and the boys.

As I gulp my 6th margarita of the night, I realize I might have...over done it just a little. I suddenly hear the gang yell happy birthday and realize it must already be past midnight. I'm officially 21 years old.

"Happy Birthday Nailea", Kayden shouts at me over the blasting music, putting his arm over my shoulder and giving me a side hug

"Thank you!", I stutter, pulling away from his grip. It makes me feel uncomfortable to get too close to Kayden physically.

"Nai! Nai! You should call your boyfriend Nai", Daisy giggles. She must be more drunk than I am. No surprise there. "call your boyfriend Nai! Call the professor"

I barely do any sort of thinking at all before pulling out my phone and start to scroll through my contacts. I can't even remember saving Mr. Grayson's number on my phone but for whatever reason, here it is. My screen litters with notifications from my mother texting me obnoxiously. I should probably call her....maybe later when I'm not so wasted. Otherwise, I'll probably say something I'll regret.

I tap on the contact and Mr. Grayson picks up the phone after only a few rings.

"Hello?", he answers, seemingly shocked to hear from me

"Hi...hello, it's me", I slur

"Miss Tembo?"

"Why don't you call me Nailea? That's my name. My name is Nailea not Miss Tembo"

"Well, I prefer to call you Miss Tembo"


What even is this dreadful conversation anyway?

"Are you alright? You sound kind of odd", he says worriedly

"I'm fine", I hiccup, "I just want you Xavier. I want to see you again...forever"

"Where are you Miss Tembo?", he pauses, "....Nailea. Where are you Nailea?"

"Much better", I giggle again, "I'm at the bar. But I hate it and I want to take a nap now. It's too sticky and hot in here"

"Would you like me to come get you?"

"Yes Mr. Grayson. Please come get me", I hang up.


When I wake up it's...quiet. Almost too quiet. By now Daisy should be blasting Christina Aguilera through her speakers, getting her morning yoga done. I open my eyes and immediately remember this place. How did I end up in Mr. Grayson's room? Wearing only my bra and panties.

I glance at the bedside table, where I see a birthday card. It says, "Happy 21st! You're finally legal". I sit up and pick up the card, looking inside only to see that it was signed, -X. How did Mr. Xavier Grayson know it was my birthday? Did I tell him last night? How did he even know where I was last night? How did I end up here? What the hell even happened last night?

A million questions swim through my mind making me nervous and uncomfortable. Suddenly the door opens and Mr. Grayson strolls in, with only a towel wrapped around his waist. His messy long and dark hair is still damp from a shower and his muscles are almost glistening, his bare chest makes my heart do summersaults into my stomach.

"Good morning Nailea", he says. Since when does he not call me 'Miss Tembo' ?

He comes and sits down on the bed, right next to me and his glorious scent makes love to my nostrils. "I hope you like the card. You forced me to get it for you on the way over to my house last night", he smiles

Oh no. Why do I have such a habit of completely embarrassing myself in front of this Man?

"Please tell me that was the most embarrassing thing I did last night", I cringe

"You did nothing embarrassing. You were more entertaining than embarrassing. I must say though, you're much more of a freak when you're drunk"

Oh man, we had sex? Again! Nailea, who the hell are you? because at this point, I don't even know anymore.

"Oh. Is that your thing then? You're into necrophilia?", I joke

He stares at me surprised and almost offended, "You were very receptive Nailea. Trust me. But if I was out of line, I apologize"

I didn't even know he was capable of apologizing for sleeping with me. It's sexy though. He's sexy.

I shake my head, "I'm only joking."

"Do you remember what you told me after you finished?"

After I finished? What century is this? I giggle lightly under my breath and shake my head no.

"You pretty much confessed your love to me", he grins devilishly at me, licking his lips.

"I... I don't know what to say"

"It's alright. I'm quite interested in your offer"


"You would like for me to be your mistress?"

"I would like for you to be mine", he murmurs, giving me a sharp shiver down my spine

"Oh", is all I'm able to get out of my mouth

"Of course, this would have to be a secret. Nobody can know what we do or what we discuss which means we can only meet here or out of town"

"I'm okay with being a secret"

He smirks. "I'll head to the kitchen to make us some breakfast. You can go ahead and take a shower"

"Where's my dress?"

"You threw up all over yourself, I had to throw it away. I can get you a new one after we eat but for now you can wear one of my t-shirts."

I nod my head thank you and cringe inward. He saw me throwing up all over myself and he still wants me to be his? He still wants to make me breakfast? Damn. This is too good to be true if you ask me.

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