Escaping Mr. Grayson

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Chapter Six

I strip out of my underwear, tiptoeing into the shower. I glide my hand through to feel the pouring water, making sure it's just the right temperature. I like when it's cold. I push out my chest and feel the droplets of water run down my bare skin, trying to avoid getting my braids wet. I reach for the body wash and it smells exactly like's a strong and musky scent...very irresistible... very delicious.

When I'm finished I grab a towel and dry myself quickly while I walk back into the bedroom and start to peruse through his closet. He seems very organized, hanging all of his shirts according to color and on the same make of wooden hangers. I pick out a black t-shirt and poke my head through the top of the t-shirt. Is it a collar? Or is it a head hole? I have no idea. Long story short, I put on his shirt and the soft material makes my skin tingle.

I look into the mirror and let my braids free. They feel heavy and I look...different but, I like the feeling. Something about being around Mr. Grayson makes me feel free and...liberated.

"Wow", I croak, stepping into the dining room, dressed in only a t-shirt, my lower ass hanging out and my hard nipples poking through the fabric. The table is full of food; bacon, eggs, waffles, French toast and freshly baked scones. He didn't strike me as the cooking type.

"Surprised?", he asks. As if reading my mind while he sits down.

I nod my head and smile. "You just don't look like a man that's good around the kitchen"

"And you don't look like a woman that's good around sleeping with her professor", he challenges. I can't tell if he's joking. That makes me uncomfortable

"You should keep my shirt. It looks far much better on you", he swallows and clenches his jaw, "Also your hair. It's nice like that"

"Thank you"

"Please, Sit", he demands

"Where would you like me to sit?", I ask

"Sit across from me", he commands and I do just that.

I watch him fix me a plate and pass it over to me. He starts to pour himself some fresh coffee while I take a bite...the food is delicious.

"How do you like your coffee?"

"I'll just have yours when you're done with it"

"What?", he cocks his head to the side.

"I noticed that you never finish your coffee and well, I kind of like to drink where you've already drank so... I don't mind just having yours when you've gotten enough of it"

"Is that a fetish?", he asks nonchalantly

"I don't think so"

"Well do you have one?", he asks, "a fetish—I mean—"

I think about it for a second... I definitely have a fetish. Well, not so much a fetish more of just a turn on. Look at me, using phrases like turn on. Who am I?

"Not really. If I were to have one though, I guess it would be you", I say, wrinkling my nose

"I would be your fetish?"

"You would be my fetish", I reply quietly and notice him arching an eyebrow at me

"Tell me about your family Nailea. Where are you from? Do you have siblings? Are you close with your family?"

Why does he care so much? By now I'd expect him to want me to be sitting on his face or something but instead, he wants to get to know me? This is beginning to feel more like a relationship than an affair. Anyway, what was the question again?

"Well, I'm from a little town just a few miles away called Echo Creek. It's the sort of, white picket fence town where everyone talks about everyone behind their backs and well, it's hard to keep secrets. I don't know if I have siblings on my fathers side. I might but, I'm my mothers only child....oh, and, fairly....I'm fairly close to my mother. She's really my only family"

His eyes close and he seems as if he's soaking all the information in. Almost as if he's memorizing it or something. I should find that weird but instead, I find it intriguing.

"Where is your father now? Are your parents divorced?"

" My father left us when I was younger"

"We all have disgusting fathers, don't we?", he grins

"I suppose so"

"So, is this your second degree?", he swerves the conversation once more.

"No. Why do you assume so?"

"Well, it's just that by now, most people your age would be leaving college not starting their second year"

Oh, is he judging me? Maybe, making fun?

"I took some time off after I graduated high school. I got an internship at the local asylum back home", I explain, "I was there for almost three years"

"An asylum?", he seems shocked, "Do you like crazy people Miss Tembo?"

"Maybe I do", I murmur

"I have a class to get to. Here", he hands me his cup of coffee that's only half way done. I wonder why he doesn't finish. Maybe it's some superstitious thing? Part of his whole complex maybe? I take a sip and my eyes close involuntary as my lips leave the side of the mug to swallow. I look up at Mr. Grayson once the liquid glides down my throat and I notice him breathing heavily. Oh, have I awakened him?

"Have you ever had sex on a table Nailea?", he asks me impassively. Causing me to gulp.

"No Xavier"

"Call me Mr. Grayson"

Damn. Guess who's moist.

"No....Mr. Grayson", I correct myself, "I have never had sex on a table"

"Shall we change that today?", he winks at me, slipping out of his chair and undoing the buttons of his shirt. Oh, My


Daisy is in awe, sipping from her water bottle and swinging her legs simultaneously from on top of the kitchen counter. Still lathered in sweat from her 'workout' with Chase a few minutes ago.

"So you guys just had sex? On his wife's freaking dining room table?!", curiosity oozing through her. I'm not shocked by all the questions, she's a journalist in the making after all.

"Yes", I blush, wrinkling my nose. "I cant help it Daisy. He's just such a rush of adrenaline. Like a drug almost"

"Yeah, I don't blame you girl, I'm sure he is. I mean, he has this whole Christian Grey complex going on. I like it"

"Honestly? So do I"

"Oh man, Nai, this is golden! I'm actually kinda jealous that you're the one having this affair. Hey, maybe your dirty professor would be down for a threesome? I know I would", she jokes. Well, at least I think she's joking. It's hard to tell with Daisy.

I roll my eyes playfully.

"Do you think he'll fall in love with you?", she asks curiously

"Don't be silly Daisy. I'm nothing more than an affair...a secret. We are nothing more than an affair." Even as those words leave me, I know I don't believe them a hundred percent.

I'd be lying if I said I don't fantasize about what it would be like to have Xavier Grayson all to myself. He would fall in love with me and leave his wife. We'd move far Milan maybe, or Paris. We would get married and start a family with however many kids he wants, maybe even adopt a pet. And we would sleep in the same bed ever single night, loving each other endlessly.

"You never know", Daisy says, snapping me back to reality, "I mean, he so easily wanted to screw you. Maybe he's had his eye on you all this time and he was just waiting for you to fall for him"

"Yeah well, I doubt that"

Do you though? My subconscious asks me.

"And when will you be telling Kayden about all this?"

"Kayden? Why would I tell him?"

"Because, Nai, he likes you", she snorts, "Maybe if you told him about your Illicit love affair with Grayson, he'd get over this sad crush"

I cringe at the thought of Kayden Hossler and I ever being in a relationship. He's sweet and all but, more of in a brotherly, boy next door kind of way. On the other hand, Xavier Grayson is a greek god of a MAN. I want a man not a boy next door...I need an Xavier Grayson not a Kayden Hossler.

"Anyway, last question", she jumps off the counter, "Do you think you'll fall in love with him?"

I bite my lip. "Who knows"

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