Escaping Mr. Grayson

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Chapter Eight

You are my drug. One touch and the intoxication is instant. Whatever you want to do is what we'll do and there isn't a thing I can do to stop you - not that I'd want to. Just your scent sends me into a heady trance, one that doesn't end until our bodies are still once more, just warm and snuggled in as close as two souls can be.


"You're actually here", I say, standing by the corner of the street with both my arms tucked away in my jacket.

"I never say anything I don't mean", My Grayson replies

"Well, uh, where are we going?" I asked as I looked around

"I rented a bed and breakfast for the night. We could go there and do whatever you like", he says. His eyes roaming down my body.

I sniff and nod. "Are we going to walk?"

"No", he raises his arm and points to a car that I've never seen him drive before. Maybe it's new? Maybe it belongs to his wife Anitta?

We walk towards the midnight blue Toyota parked across the street and as we walk besides each other in pure silence, I can't help but look up at his beautiful face and get lost in his features.

Suddenly, I feel his arm pulling me towards himself, leaving us only inches apart with his arms on my lower back and my body completely mushed against him, causing me to feel his heartbeat on my chest.

A car zooms passed us and honks aggressively. Oh man, was I about to get hit by a car?

Breathing heavily, I look up at his eyes that were now visibly burning with anger. Did I upset him by not paying attention to the road?

"What the hell is wrong with you? Are you trying to get killed?", he spits angrily at me. Making me a-bit scared

"I...I'm sorry", I gulp

He brings his hand to my face, closes his eyes, takes a breath and then plops his hand back down, bringing it to my wrist. "Next time you act so ignorant, there will be consequences"

I'm not sure whether to feel flattered by his concern over my life or frightened by his aggressiveness. My breathing starts to steady as I nod and he unclenches his fist.

"Let's go", he mutters, walking quickly towards the car.

I catch up with him hurriedly and we both enter the car. I watch his veins pulse up when he puts the key into the ignition and starts the car. We drive in silence, mostly because I'm not sure if he's still mad at me or not. For now, it'd be safer for me to just stay quiet.


The door slammed shut behind us as we walked in, not the dull thud of rotting wood that I'd expected, but a cool metallic click.

Adequate. I think that's the best you could say about the place. Bed? Check. Breakfast? Check. Decorated in grandma beige and flowers? Check. Smells a little of bleach? Check. Classic furniture? Of course. Clean bedding? Probably. Well, I hope so anyway.

Mr. Grayson stopped, pushing my wayward hair behind my left ear and getting close enough to roam my eyes.

"What happened?", he asks nonchalantly, sitting on the brown couch

"What do you mean?"

"Why did you fight with your mother?"

"Oh, uh, she's decided to sell my childhood home. I've lived there my whole life and so did my father, well, until he left.", I explain, "I just don't want her to take away the only constant memory I have of him"

"Can't she listen to reason?"

"She used to be able to. Not anymore though.", I pause, trying not to break down in front of him, "When my father left, he left us completely stranded and with absolutely nothing. I've never seen my mother so broken and so motivated to fight for my survival than she was after he left. I watched her go from a fragile, broken housewife to a strong and independent business owner of a successful advertising firm. But, even as I watched her grow so positively, I watched her die out. She hates me for not hating my father. She hates me for being a part of him and, it drives her crazy that she can't get rid of me, so instead, she's trying to get rid of the house"

"Just because she hasn't dealt with it they you have, doesn't make her a monster. Find a compromise with your mother"

I sigh, "I'll try"

"Come here", he demands, standing up.

I keenly walk over to him and stand close enough for me to breathe in his scent. His arms wrap around my back and in one gentle pull our skin touches. I bring my hand to his hair, how I love the softness.Then, his hand moves down my cheekbones to my lips. That's when the kissing starts and with such swiftness, he lifts me right off my feet, carrying me toward the bed, letting me fall with a soft bounce on the mattress.

We lock eyes for just a moment, and he's all business, undoing my jeans, pulling them off, kissing from my toes upward, slowly, his hands on my legs, always just a little higher than the kisses. I feel my back arch in anticipation, knowing where his fingers will soon reach. My head rocks back against the pillow, as he does, the first moan escapes my lips.


"Thank you for coming", I say to him, knowing that in a few minutes, I would have to leave his car and go back into the house and back into reality until I get to see him again.

"It was my pleasure", he says, "I'm sorry if I frightened you earlier"

"That's fine", I murmur

"You know that you can trust me, right?"

I nod my head yes and turn to open the door.

"Wait", he says, gently straightening one of my braids

I grin at him and look away shyly, "thank you"

"No more crying Miss Tembo"

"No more crying"

"That's my good girl"

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