Escaping Mr. Grayson

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Chapter Nine

My conversation with my mother after our disagreement was...short to say the least. Almost, completely non-existent actually. So, receiving a message in the class group chat from our Chancellor saying that all students were free to come back on campus was a much needed breath of fresh air.

When I enter the room, Daisy and Asher are sitting on the couch, devouring each other. I watch them intently for a moment before coughing loudly to let them know that I'm in the room. They both turn my way and Daisy has a huge grin slapped across her face. She would never admit it, but I know that deep down she prefers Asher to Chase.

"Nai!", she leaps up from the couch and pulls me into a tight hug

"Sorry to interrupt you two", I murmur, pulling away from the hug and taking off my coat

"Oh, trust me, we've had enough fun with each other", Asher says huskily before licking his lips and standing up to hug me too. I catch Daisy blushing while he does.

"How was the flight?", Daisy asks

"A lot better than driving, that's for sure"

"Asher and I actually got back like 2 days after we left", Daisy tells me

"Were you even allowed back?"

"Oh, yeah. The infestation was just in like two classes"

"Well, I wish I knew. My trip back home was horrid"

Daisy chuckles.

"I'll let you guys catch up", Asher turns to Daisy and gives her a long, seductive kiss. I watch them for only a second and then walkover to the kitchen area to grab a glass of water. Watching them is making me want something that I simply cannot have right now.

"I'll see you later baby love", I hear him say, seconds before I hear the door shutting. I can't help but laugh under my breath. Baby love? I've definitely never heard that one before.

"Does Chase know that you and Asher were together?", I tease

"He doesn't have to", she replies irritably, "Besides, I'm going to see him tonight"

"Oh, that should be fun"

"Can I be totally honest?"


"I wish I were going out with Asher", she frowns and it almost makes me so sad for her. Poor thing. I don't understand why she can't just be in a committed relationship with Asher. Anyway, maybe it's more complicated

"If you like him more, why not just be in a relationship with him only. Just the two of you...a couple. Those kinds of relationships exist you know", I smirk at her. Making her roll her eyes

"Anyway, are you excited to be back on campus? Now you can get back to Grayson", she asks, putting together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

"He...uh. He actually came to see me", I mumble and instantly regret.

"Wait, what?!"

"I was upset with my mother and for some reason, I thought to call him. He ended up taking me to a bed and breakfast"

"Did you...?"

I nod, slightly embarrassed.

"Nailea Tembo, you little tramp", she jokes. At least, I hope she's joking

We continue to catch up for a while. Daisy tells me about her time with Asher and how they spent most of their time making out and making love. In between Asher painting her and them cooking with each other, it seemed like something out of an Anna Todd Romance novel. I thought about telling her about Mr. Grayson's strange anger outburst but, I brush it off, thinking it's probably nothing to be worried about.

In the next few hours, I'm seated in the library, trying to catch up on an assignment. The whole assignment is to write a 10 page essay on the thin difference between Sociopathy and Psychopathy. You gotta love Psychology.

"Nailea?", the librarian whispers


"Professor Grayson is asking for you in his office"


"Oh, okay. I'll go see him right now", I whisper, "Thank you"

I pack up my things and walk quickly to Mr. Grayson's office. What could he possibly want? Maybe he's missed me? No, he couldn't. It probably just about my duties as Student assistant. Right? I don't know. I can barely think.

"Miss Tembo", he says, opening the door, letting me in

"You wanted to see me?", I murmur, analyzing the room. He has no picture of his wife in here. Is it weird that I find that strange?

"Sit down", he commands. He's all business for some reason. Did I do something wrong? Am I in trouble?

I slide into the chair.

"Not there. Sit on the desk"

I stand up timidly and walk over to the desk. I reach for his phone and cautiously move it to a nearby lamp table. Then with one hand, I make a broad sweep across the desktop. Legs dangling.

"There", I gulp, "happy?"

He approaches me and tips my head upwards, forcing me to look him in the eye. "Tell me you love me"

My mouth drops open mentally. "What?"

"You don't have to mean it. Just say so"

"Uh...I...I love you", I murmur, blinking hard.

He stares at me for a long moment and all I can think is, what the hell is actually happening right now? Without a single word, he walks across the room, closing the door and turning the key in the lock.

"Clear the desk, Miss Tembo"

"What? I don't see—"

"Don't argue", he snaps.

After a brief pause, I reach for the pile of papers and the silver pendulum, placing them on one of the shelves. Leaving behind a clear table. "Better?"

He tuggs at his tie, loosening it as he crosses the room. "Good girl. Now, sit back down"

"Is this my place then? I'm just going to sit here while you stare at me?", I push myself up to sit still on the desktop, getting impatient.

"For now." He sits in the desk chair in front of me and fixes his eyes on me with a dark, commanding gaze. I've never seen him this way. I'm not sure if I like it yet.

"Lift your skirt," he says

Oh my. I think I like it.

I place both my feet gently on the top of his lap, slowly lifting my skirt, revealing my legs all the way to the knee. "Like this?"


I drag my skirt higher, now exposing my thighs.


I start to slide it higher, keeping my eyes locked on his and the way he looked at me ... Unashamed of his sudden behavior, penetrating me with his dark, intense gaze. He has me panting without so much as a kiss.

"Higher," he demands, sitting back and licking his lips, "All the way to your waist. Show me everything."

The dark command in his voice thrilled me. I wriggled on the desk, working my skirt higher.

"Yes," he said, sitting forward in his chair. "That's my good girl"

He caresses both my calves, running his hand up and down the silky curve. His thumb pressed against the hollow of my knees, causing my thighs to fall apart. Aggressively, he grabs me by the hips, jerking me to the edge of the desk. As he lowers his head, I squirm away, covering my mouth to avoid the noise that comes as a result of this sweet torture.


When I wake up, it's dark and I have no idea how long I slept, or how I ended up in my bed. I sit up and see Mr. Grayson seated at the foot of the bed. He glances up at me, his expression completely unreadable. He runs his fingers through his hair and stands up, adjusting the sleeves of his suit jacket. My mouth goes dry as he walks towards me and plants a soft kiss on my forehead.

"You should get some rest baby girl", he says

He has NEVER called me baby girl. I like it.

"I feel rested enough", I reply, "it's you who should rest"

"I can't. My wife is probably waiting for me at home"

Oh? She's back?

"Oh. She's back?", I fidget, holding onto the duvet


"Is that why know", I snap, "to get one last taste before running back home to sleep with her"

He sighs, putting his hand under my chin and tipping my head back, staring down at me. His eyes are intense as he stares into my eyes, making me shiver.

"Walk me out", he demands sharply

I comply, wrapping the duvet around myself and leading him out of the room. Suddenly, he stops, turning me towards himself and faces me. Before he can speak, the door opens and...oh boy, Daisy's home.

"Uh...Mr. Grayson, this is my roommate Daisy", I say nervously. Daisy comes forward, staring him down.

"So, this is the infamous Professor, huh?", she shakes his hand confidently and I'm genuinely in awe of her.

"I'm infamous?", he cocks his head

Daisy nods. "Well, I'll leave you two to it. Don't let me stop you"

We both watch as she disappears into the bathroom.

"You told her?"

Uh-oh, he seems angry. I hate when he's angry.

"Well...uh...I mean, she came up", I stutter

"You disobeyed my one request", he shuts his eyes and takes in a sharp breath

"I'm sorry. I didn't—"

"I should leave before I say something I regret. Or worse"

I instinctively bring my hand to his chest and he smacks it away. Leaving me shocked.

"Goodbye Miss. Tembo"

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