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Neha is beautiful Indian girl but she is not free. She lived in gold cage, she didn’t do any mistake in her life then why she deserve this kind of life where she can’t talk with anyone. Her husband love her like his soul but she can’t breaths without his permission. Rudra singh shekhawat his weakness is Neha rudra singh shekhawat his wife. Whenever anyone tried to lay there eyes on his little bird, he killed them without showing mercy. He knows that she can’t love him but it doesn’t matter him because his love is enough for each other. “ Please don’t do this to me!! I’m pleading to you please don’t do anything to them!! You want me right than I’m your only your please don’t hurt them they are my life, my kids. Please show some kindness please” she is begging him but he is beast without heart. He looked at her side the beauty cover with under the red sairee and he want to touched her. After few minutes he drop his gun and said okay my little bird I don’t killed them because you convenience me. Now you are mine!!! Then he holds her hands and pulled her closer by her waist and start kissing her neck. When her skin touched his lips shiver runs to her spine she is burning in fear like paper burn in the fair her hands are grip the sairee very tightly and try to hold her tears. He is begun to lost his control so he grabs her hand and forcefully took her to out off the building ....

Mystery / Drama
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why she is here

Neha is beautiful girl but she is an orphanage and it didn’t bother her because she knew the orphanage people loved her like a family and now they are known by her family. Mr james is an old man and he is the father of the orphanage and his wife rose is caring and lovely old woman they both are treat every single kids like his own because they don’t have any child and the reason behind them love because his only one child is dead. His child name is Ronit but he is solider in the army and now he is no more.

Neha is trying to get the job because the orphanage is facing the problem of money and mr. james are already in debate but he always treat their orphanage children first and never except anything from them.

This time Finally he agree with Neha so she is trying to get the job. There orphanage is small to compare the others. In his orphanage are only fifteen kids and they all are like happy large family and no one knows their problem how they face the world when it comes to save the orphanage building.

Neha is got the job in the government secret agency now his earning is good but not enough to pay the debate of the orphanage. So she is trying to find the private job also and she got the one job of the waitress in the hotel her night shift over at morning six and start is eleven at night and at the morning she have too attend the government job.

At her waitress job she couldn’t applied any company because her document are already attached by her government and there are few nomies and condition at her job so she can’t do any other job in technical field or company so this is reason behind his waitress job because she can’t used her degree or knowledge in these field but she is also trying to find some college or school faculty job which are opened at night.

She is trying her best to pay the debate but she don’t know the man who give them the debate and the reason behind the debate she know only one thing that the person help the orphanage when everyone say no to them and he is only person who help them.

But there is the reason behind his help, because he wants her and he will do anything to make her mine. She didn’t even remember him and he didn’t even forget about her. He is remember her every single detail because his soul is belonging to her.

Rudra Singh Shekhawat is the richest person in the Europe but only few people is meet him and know his real identity his shares belong to every single sector like malls, café, motel, airlines, railway and government is ruling by his terms and condition because he supports the political parties and the party is wins is already his and the lost is already his debate.

He is beast and everyone know this because he doesn’t have any weakness and he believed in power so he get every single things under his feet but the simple beautiful girl he wants is not his right now he knows his power and he can get her within few seconds but he wants her submission towards him.

When the first time he saw her, he decided to not ruin his innocent but the destiny wants something else, he knows she is an innocent like a child and kind like a water she is most innocent girl he ever meet so he decided not to harm her but the second time he meet get her addicted like drug but when third time she touched him, his soul get away from him.

First day her night duty in the motel and she change her cloths in the waitress uniform and start serving her customers. He saw the simple yet elegant girl is helping the old lady with her luggage and the old lady is rudely shouting her but she is smiling like star twinkling at the night. She didn’t get frustrated not get irritate her words like sweet as honey and her voice like small kid who’s try to defined something which is right for his point off view.

He stare her all the time when she come close to him and try to attend him and asked him very softly “ sir how can I help you??”. He didn’t said anything nor reply her question just get out off the motel. She think she do something wrong which he didn’t like that’s the reason he get out off the motel and didn’t said anything she feels guilty and sorry towards him and decided whenever she meet him again she apologize her behavior.

He is think off her and called the owner off the motel and buy the motel for him. He get every single detail of her.

He is sitting her study room and Neha picture in his hand. He looking an image and smiling but he decided not to ruin her innocent but destiny has already his own planned.

Evening time like a beautiful time in the hole day when bird are tried and getting back to their home or nest the smile off soil is like best smile off the earth. She is sitting in front off graveyard, she telling every single thing in the life and smiling like they are hearing her and replying her every words. He is standing few meters away from her and try to hearing her words but what she is doing here he knows that she is an orphanage so why she is here in the graveyard field and who’s graveyard she is talking.

She joint her hands and get down her knee. He didn’t disturb her praying and start walking his parent graveyard but the noise of foots break her concentration and she turned around when she saw him she get off his place and walked towards his side but suddenly she lost her balance and going to fall but he grab her hand and catch her when his skin touched her he feeling like warmness of the sunlight, he know now he is addicted towards her but he have to control his self because he already decided to not ruin her innocent but if she meet him another time he make her mine!!!

She looked into his eyes and saw the loneliness in them but didn’t said anything. He help her, she said thanks to him and said sorry for his behavior when he came to the motel and go out without ordering something. He looking at her and thinking how innocent she is without doing any mistake she is feeling guilty towards him and saying sorry. She introduce herself “I’m Neha sir and can I know you name too if you don’t mind” she asked and he opened his mouth to introduce his self the hush and manly sound make her shiver. He told his name to her “Rudra Singh Shekhawat” and walked out of there.

After few months she forget about him and he always remember her every single words he feels her soft skin towards him. He know that she is like drug and he is addicted of it.

Her life is running smoothly but the debate is not paying properly and the only tension in her life. Mr james told her to not worried about the debate but she is working like machine so she can pay the debate when she start working on the new part time job at the company pantry.

One day she is get late for his part time pantry job her working hour is five at the evening start and end up nine at the night but she get late because off her government job and now she is running and she bumped someone without looking back she yell sorry and keep running his direction. He meet her again and her destiny start playing his game. He know the debate which owned by mr. james and his orphanage building and now he wants his money back so he send them the notice with legally but when he saw she didn’t give up so he decided to deal with his own method.

He is standing the gate of the orphanage building and reading the board name of the orphanage wgich is write at the bold latter “FAMILY HOME” he enter in the building when mr. james saw him he asked a question who is he? And when he knows about him he didn’t find any words to protect his self or his only home.

He is sitting like a king of the jungle and everyone standing in front of him. Neha is entered the build saw there are many cars standing in the ground. When she enter into the hall and saw one man is only sitting and everyone is standing and the conner mrs james are crying and looking her husband side she guess everything.

Neha is hearing every word from the stranger which she guess is the master who approved their loan when Rudra saw Neha is enter into the hall he knew what he want to do everything is proper planned. Now Rudra get up into the chair and said his last words which is only for Neha because he know how she loved every kid in the orphanage “ They all are mine now and I’m going do what I want with them because I’m the legally owner of them all”. Neha looked his side and said, sir if you don’t mind can I asked you a question, he looked at her and he knew what she want to asked him and here the answer of the question I’m going to sale every single thing of the building and the kids are not my problem. When he pointed his index finger to mr. james and said you are going to be die because you sign the paper of your dead mr. didn’t said anything just nod his head the answer of yes.

Neha looked mr james side and tears are rolling down from his cheeks. Then she said without looking the stranger please don’t hurt anyone I will pay your debate just give me some time. Rudra look at her and I’m really busy man like you see the girl and I already give you the enough time but you know I’m very kind person because I know you work day and night to return my debate but you can’t return it.

Neha didn’t said anything but Rudra looked at one off his man and said give her the paper so she can read it and decided what she want. His man didn’t look at her side just put the paper on the middle of the table then Neha picked the paper and start reading there is the married certif. which is already sign which someone she didn’t said anything just sign the paper.

He grab Neha hand start walking out off the building and now she is his like he wants his wife Neha Rudra Singh Shekhawat.

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