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A father, mother, daughter and son are killed in one week and the only surviving member of the family confesses to the murder. Are things never what they seem?

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19th July 2019

Lagos, Nigeria.

The streets were busy with day to day activities. People walked about to their different places of work. The yellow commercial buses, the ones the Nigerians called danfo had people which had men, women and school children struggling and fighting to board and find seats to sit on so they would get to their destinations in time. The already filled buses moved, already parked with the lucky passengers who would most likely get to their different destinations or work places in time and wouldn't get fired which also depended on how free the road was. Some people didnt have to go through this stress though, they were just blessed and lived a stress free life financially. In this case they were people in good situations. The people in good situations didn't need danfos, they didnt need to pass through all the struggle the other group go through, granted they have their own daily struggle. They had their own personal vehicles to drive them to their destinations without the stress of boarding, they would take their children to school without any trouble,they mostly consist of the people who had huge businesses to run and were at the top of their game in the business, their children went to the most prestigious schools. This people had their struggles but it was surely not financial. It was sad but true and the citizens of the country knew that. They couldn't not know that because they were reminded everyday by the politicians and big men who embezzled money meant for the nation and got away with it. Apparently the rule of law was just a thing for show. The musicians, artists and actors also didn't fail in reminding them with their work of art. Parents didn't fail to remind their children. They used it as some sort of boost to make their children work harder, reminding them that children are the leaders of tomorrow. And even saying that didn't stop that feeling of guilt that came from telling another lie. The children didn't know they were being lied to..they worked twice as hard as before and gave their education their all,only the adults knew that that saying ' Children are the leaders of tomorrow' was a half lie. Half lie because it was most likely true in other countries but not the present Nigeria they lived in maybe the future had different plans but presently it wasn't true. And in the past years since independence that saying hadn't been true either.

The drunks and touts in their own way spread the awareness of abnormal inequality and injustice. They had this popular saying 'this life no balance at all'. It was every where in the country and it served as a reminder that life was not balanced and the nation itself was very abnormally unbalanced.

Somewhere on the island part of Lagos, the part that was believed to house the most influential Nigerians, in a vast mansion, a house that said money from faraway,in a big and spacious room, six people sat discussing their latest crime; another misdeed that just proved how unbalanced life is, and ways to cover up this misdeed.

Only this crime was committed in a different way and it was going to be way harder to keep it in with all the other skeletons they had in their cupboards.

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