The Reincarnation of Lydia Ashes

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In the weeks after the Bill incident, that’s what Lydia called it to avoid having to talk about it, Lydia and Aiden spent a lot of time going through different doors and just trying to enjoy the advantages of the middle instead of trying to remember everything they went through in life. They had both remembered most of their family and friends, and a lot of the experiences they had in life up until around three years before they died. Neither of them could remember the moments up to their death or what their life was like when they died, so they assumed it would come if they gave it time and forgot about it for a while.

“What shall we check out today?” Aiden would ask Lydia, to which her reply would always be surprise me.

They ended up in a place that resembled a deserted island. It wasn’t a beach off the cost of the ocean, though. The island was encircled with giant rocks and cliffs with tree-lined

edges. It was only after swimming underneath an alcove on the south side of the island could they really get onto the beach. It was incredibly private and the beautiful blue of the water that waded slowly onto the miniscule rocks of pink sand created a serenity in the literal middle of nowhere. After enjoying their private oasis for a while, they flicked the switch and it wasn’t a sunny day anymore. The night sky shone brighter than any sun could, with groups of stars and constellations based on Aiden’s memory and imagination. The water glowed from beneath as if there were lights at the bottom of their ocean just for that moment. It was the most romantic thing Lydia was sure she’d ever experienced. As Aiden and she sat together in silence enjoying their visual feast, they just watched the sky.

“Thanks for this,” Lydia said to Aiden.

“Anytime. I’m glad you like my mind.”

“I do.” They smiled at each other and continued to sit in silence.

It was an interesting thing to her, being able to sit in silence with him without needing any sort of stimulation. She thought his company was more than enough and she would always feel completely safe as long as it was he she was with. The word soulmates popped into her head, and it felt like it fit. She wasn’t entirely sure, because she had always considered soulmates to be an unfathomable illusion that was completely and utterly unattainable.

’If death is as random as life, and we’re all

placed in no particular spot or order, it’s impossible. It’s not designed so that all the same souls are within walking distance. That’s why it’s so hard for people in life.’ she thought to herself as she sat there.

A splash in the water nearby broke her focus, and startled her back to her current reality.

“Ready to head back?”

“No,” she smiled. “But if we must.”

When they arrived back at the house there was an unordinary buzz among the rooms.

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