The Reincarnation of Lydia Ashes

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Lydia and Valentine continued their journey, and it felt to Lydia as though they’d never get to where they were supposed to be going, until she saw it.

“Oh, my goodness.” She couldn’t help but stare.

The sight she was bestowed with was the type of sight you couldn’t look away from because of its grandiosity. If it were a person, it would be the person.

“Welcome home, Lydia.”

They walked up to the doors of a house; of course, most would agree that house was not the operative word. A tracer window hung above the colossal red wooden doors. They looked more like they belonged to the Vatican or some other temple-like establishment. Two white stone columns with Corinthian capitals ran down the front from the entablature to large pedestals, emphasizing the steps up to the veranda. The walls, true to fashion, were made of what looked like some sort of beautiful carved Stone Mountain granite, covered in sparkling minerals. Lydia was almost positive they were diamonds. This wasn’t a home at all. This was a castle. The outside proved to be nothing compared to the foyer, which boasted even more visual prowess than its frame. With high ceilings, a beautiful marble staircase with burgundy carpet encroached the entryway, leading up to a second floor of awe. Cherry wood floors stretched in every direction past the foyer and golden chandelier hung in the centre. There was oversized royal-looking furniture made of old cedar wood with different hues of reds, blues, and gold fabrics draped through every room. There was no other

explanation for this place beyond extraordinarily beautiful. And she’d barely seen any of it yet.

“I’ll show you your room. This way.” Valentine led Lydia down a corridor filled with old world paintings and striking length carpet leading in every direction. As they passed rooms, Lydia could finally see other seemingly normal souls. Some stared at her with excitement as they whispered to each other about the new girl in town, others looked away quickly or didn’t look up at all. She guessed they were just like they were as people. At least that’s what her first impression was. Some were going to be cool, and some were not—simple, and difficult all at the same time.

“Here we are.”

He led Lydia into a room unlike anything she had thought she’d seen before. It looked like a post card for a princess’ room. The canopy bed was draped with crisp white and royal blue bedding with luxurious memory foam pillows and a cloud-like duvet. She had an armoire full of silk nightgowns just waiting, hanging there invitingly, calling for her to put them on. Her night stand was lit up with a dim candle and as she looked around the room she couldn’t help but ask, “Is this real?”

“I can assure you, this is the most real thing you will ever experience. Unfortunately, this is where we part ways—for now. It’s time for some sleep. Goodnight Lydia.”

Valentine exited the room without giving Lydia

a chance to ask what they needed sleep for. She thought that was a human thing, not a universal soul thing. She had so many more questions but he wasn’t waiting for those, either. He didn’t even wait for her goodnight response. He was gone, as if in a flash of light and she was alone again.

She walked around the room, slowly running her hands along the furniture and fine linens. She chose a pale peach nightgown to put on, and as she put it on she immediately felt comfortable. She climbed into bed, blew out the candle, and dozed off to sleep in no time at all.

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