The Reincarnation of Lydia Ashes

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Lydia was rustled from her slumber by a strange, yet familiar sound. She could hear the song that had been stuck in her head, only this time it was vocalized in a male’s voice. She crept out of bed slowly, as to not make any noise. She didn’t want the song to stop. It had been the only thing she had left from the life she left behind. She opened the door to sconce-lit hallway and started down towards the voice. As she tiptoed like a nervous child, sneaking downstairs to spot Santa on Christmas Eve, she arrived at the half open door the voice was coming from. There, stood a man, around the

same age as her, just singing the only thing she knew. This had to mean something, and in an effort not to make a peep, she wanted to find out. As she tried to get a closer look through the door, her foot caught the carpet. The door flew open.

“Whoa, hey, you scared me. What are you doing?” The man stared at Lydia half smiling, waiting for a response.

“I’m – I’m sorry. I just heard you, you know, singing, and I just, I know the song. I didn’t mean to make that kind of entrance.”

They both half-laughed in unison, and Lydia’s non-existent heart almost melted out of her chest.

“I’m Aiden.” He was more beautiful than the house, the garden and everything else she could possibly imagine seeing. His ocean blue eyes sparkled with innocence and integrity, while his crooked smile, surrounded by the scruff of a man’s 5’oclock shadow made her weak in the knees. She wasn’t sure if this was the type of man she was attracted to in life, but in death she couldn’t imagine any other guy being as magnetizing. He was perfect, she thought.

“Hi, I’m Lydia. I’m new here, but I guess you already knew that.”

“Yeah, I kind of figured that much, considering I hadn’t seen you before. I’m new myself. Just got here about two sleeps ago, but at this place you don’t feel new for very long. Which…” he paused. “I think is a good thing. So, you know

that song?” he asked while putting t-shirts in a drawer.

“Yeah, I do, well kind of. It seems to be the only thing I can remember, and when I woke up here, it was immediately in my head. I can’t get it out of my head, actually. And then when I heard you singing it, I just couldn’t believe it. It was the first thing that felt real to me since I’ve been here. It’s quite an adjustment, you know, dying.”

Aiden chuckled softly, as he slowly walked towards Lydia. As he got closer to her, she could feel her every sense wake up just a little bit. It was as if the closer he got the more she felt him. Lydia was almost convinced he was

about to come straight into an embrace, and just as she was about to reach out to him he spun by her, heading towards the door. “Where are you going?” Lydia asked mystified.

“Just follow me Lydia, I promise it will be worth it.”

Aiden sped off down the long hallway of the castle they shared. If it hadn’t of been for the dim wall sconces of the hallway she would have lost him completely.

‘Boy, there’s a lot of running here,’ she thought as she chased him with intent. It had become a game to Aiden as he zigged and zagged his way throughout the house, grinning wide when he’d look back and see Lydia trying to keep up.

“Come on, girl! You’re wasting time!” he shouted from the end of the hallway. She finally caught up to him, but only because he

came to a stop in front of a big mahogany wooden door.

“We’re here.”

“Here?” She asked. “Where’s here?”

“Trust me, pretty girl.”

Aiden opened the door and Lydia was astonished for what felt like the millionth time since she’s been in the middle.

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