The Reincarnation of Lydia Ashes

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On the other side of the big door, there was a vast space of natural landscape, full of rocky mountains, sandy beaches, and everything in between. The sun was shining in the sky, but if Lydia looked away for just a moment, it would be night time in the country and the Aurora Borealis was as vividly beautiful as it had ever been. It was almost as if in the exact moment, the thought crossed her mind she’d see it in front of her. A mirage of sorts invented completely by what she wanted to see.

“This, right here, is the best place you’ll will ever get the pleasure of visiting. What do you want to see?” Aiden asked hoping the answer was as courageous as he’d hoped Lydia turned out to be.

“I couldn’t even imagine anything as beautiful as what I’m looking at right now,” she said accidentally starting at him but meaning the


Aiden cheeks grew hot, and he turned to look to the distance. As he looked away from Lydia she could see the backdrop changing into a generously sized cabin, surrounded by an array of Fraser firs and Norway spruces. The front of the cabin faced a quaint lake that looked so peaceful she kind of felt the urge to jump in just to create a ripple.

“That’s beautiful,” she whispered.

“Isn’t it? I used to spend time there, I think. When I was a kid I mean, in my old life.”

“Wait a minute? You can remember your life? I can’t. What the hell.”

“Well yes, and no. The longer I’m here the more it comes back to me. I think it’s because most of the space in the middle is designed strictly by what we, the souls, see. Just like that song that’s stuck in your head. It’s there for a reason, and it must have meant a great deal to you if it was the first thing you remember. That, or it was playing while you died,” Aiden said with a kind of nonchalance that made Lydia incredibly jealous he could remember and she couldn’t.

She couldn’t think of what else to say. He had only been there for two sleeps, he had said back in his room, and although she didn’t know how long that was in actual time, she was astonished her could already remember things. If it only took him a couple days, theoretically, she’d probably have enough time to figure out how she got there in the first

place before she was hurled back to humanity. Even if she would immediately forget it when her energy was needed to fill another body, she still wanted to know.

They sat there by the cabin on the lake just watching the sun set. Lydia was relieved that even in death, love could still exist and she

knew that because she had already felt it for Aiden. The way he made her chase him down the hall, the way he introduced her to his cabin on the lake, and the way he made her feel like she was at home, here in the middle. She thought to herself that if she had been alive and feeling this attached to a man in such a short time, she would be crazy. But she couldn’t possibly be mentally ill when she was dead, could she?

“Why are you staring at me? You’re missing this majestic sunset I’ve thought up for us,” Aiden teased.

“You feel it too, don’t you?” She asked, praying he knew what she was talking about.

“Of course, I do. It’s that song. It’s the first thing I remembered too.”

Lydia didn’t need any more explanation than that. She was completely content that, somehow, she had met a soul that for a reason unknown to her, had some sort of connection to something she had a connection to. It was transcendent in a way. They sat there in silence for a while, and then it happened.

The beautiful sky started turning black, and the cabin disintegrated as if she were watching

a time lapse of a devastating fire.

“What’s happening,” Lydia asked as her stomach started to flutter.

“You have to go, get out of here!” Aiden screamed at Lydia with powerful authority and in that moment, she took off as fast as she could without even realizing why. She could have asked why, but as far as she was

concerned, when someone yells the way Aiden had just yelled, you listen.

‘Where is that door,’ she thought over and over and over again as she ran aimlessly through the abyss. She was terrified and was really starting to think that this was just a lucid nightmare she would soon awake from. Any place that would have you on an emotional roller coaster like this would likely be unreal. Imaginative, but not real. And then, suddenly, the door appeared out of nowhere. She ran into it without stopping hoping it was a push open type of door. It wasn’t. She smashed into the door and flew back with force.

“I’m lucky I’m already dead,” she scoffed to herself and pulled the door open, slamming it tightly behind her.

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